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alex0809 -> Naval part of the game (8/8/2012 3:54:49 PM)

Anyone had any success in the naval part of the game as Germany? Seems pretty useless to waste valuable StuKas trying to destroy the dozens of ships the Soviets have. And of course since with your Navy you can with a lot of luck sink maybe 1/5 of the Soviet forces before being utterly annihilated it's not really a choice either [:D]

So... ever managed to do anything useful in the Naval part with Germans? Any landings (it DOES seem tempting to land a division in the very Southern area)?
Also, do you also think that 100 PP for the Kriegsmarine card which only gives you a few torpedo boats and transports is a bit steep?

Of course you can write about Soviet navy too, have you done landings with success with them? I suppose that might actually be a very good tactic?

Keunert -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/8/2012 5:58:01 PM)

Sevastopol can get supply by sea. Germany sending it's navy will prevent this.
This will lower german casualties a lot. You could still move your ships back after the soviets arrive.

another option would be to sneak close to Sevastopol but trying to get out of harms way.
once the soviet tries to evacuate the Sevastopol garrison by sea you attack the transport ships.

once the soviets are back on track it will be likely that they will try to make a landing to cut off Kerch
or the entire Krim. in such cases having ships will be important because of their anti supply capability.

alex0809 -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/9/2012 9:25:12 PM)

I really don't understand one thing about the Axis navy:

I read that the Germans transported 6 Type IIB submarines to the Black Sea. I didn't read anything about them getting destroyed, quite the contrary, they destroyed quite a few ships so where are they?

What makes this even more weird is the description of the Soviet submarines "Soviet submarines are not as well engineered and technically advanced as German U-Boats and have half their hitpoints".
Well.. yeah, that's awesome, German submarines are better.. just that the Germans don't actually have any?

krupp_88mm -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/9/2012 10:14:21 PM)

The german navy is pretty useless im afraid.. the best thing you can do with them is interdict supply lines and keep them IN PORT. Put some artillery in the port with them, and keep aircover nearby, if soviets get too close you can hit them with air and art then launch naval attack, and then pull them back to the port on the same turn if your attack is successful, readiness affects ship combat about the same as normal units, so bombardment helps alot to soften up ships just like it would land units.. which is kinda silly i think. Soviets wont be able to attack you in port with art defense in the hex. Of course this means there is only a very limited amount you can do with the navy.. id suggest moving it to the ports east of Sevastopol to let them interdict the supply from the ports. I think air attacks on ships should be more deadly, and naval combat perhaps less deadly.

Pawsy -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/10/2012 12:18:03 AM)

Landed troops and destroyed a few soviet ships. Good option as a diversion attack to draw off troops but with so much soviet Navy its very unlikely that you could maintain supply.

I found the best use was to interdict Sevastopol supply lines to port.

Vic -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/10/2012 8:24:39 AM)

The german uboots arrive later on. Only in uranus scn they are present from the start.


alex0809 -> RE: Naval part of the game (8/10/2012 11:42:11 AM)

Ah alright, thanks for the answer.

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