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tiger111 -> How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/7/2012 7:24:46 PM)

Had to ask :)
Tempted to get this and would like to know how it contrasts with CM Normandy/Ialy.

wodin -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/7/2012 11:15:34 PM)

Totally different game really.

CMx2 feels more sim like.

This more traditional RTS in the vain of close combat. But done better than all the others. Loads better.

Dane49 -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/8/2012 12:54:14 AM)

I personally prefer this game(Achtung Panzer Op Star) over the CM series,unfortunately APOS is Russian front only[:(].Graphics are fantastic and very immersive,especially with the 9 square kilometers of battle area to maneuver on during the tactical phase,with potentially hundreds of square kilometers of map area to choose from during quick battles for the 3kmx3km battles.. I like the content in the CM series(Normandy,Sicily and eventually Russian front,Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge in the future).But,I think that Graviteam does a much better job of simulating the atmosphere and quality attention to detai that I just don't feel in CM.After playing Achtung Panzer Op Star,I could never really get back into the CM series.I wish that the developers of CM would take a good hard look at APOS and bring their series into a more graphically appealing setting.Also,I'm not a big fan of micro-managing in games at company and above level,which to me is why the CM series feels more like a board game posing as a tactical 3D simulation.And,you can't beat the price either compared to CMFI.($55 vs $20).$18 at Gamersgate.For under $30 you can buy all the DLC's also(Sokolovo,Krasnaya Polyana and the summer one Volokonovka)with a future summer DLC Sinyavino 1942 due out in the near future.So,for under $50 you can get a much better game(Core game plus all the current DLC's),than what CM is offering for their Sicily game CMFI.

shrek -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/8/2012 3:52:35 AM)

Yeah, there's a lot more micromanagement in CM and battles are usually on much smaller maps. The graphics in the new CMFI are better than CMBN, but still not as spectacular as APOS. CM and AP are different beasts that simulate different things, so I like them both for different reasons. There should be a free demo of CMBN that you can try out for yourself. One thing CM has that AP does not is the opportunity to play it against other people.

Dane49 -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/8/2012 7:30:33 AM)

Sorry,accidental double posting.

Dane49 -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/8/2012 7:31:44 AM)

I posted over 50 videos on YouTube about APOS(search RogersDane on the YouTube site)and there are a few videos done by mitral TA on YouTube about Combat Mission Fortress Italy that you can look at for a comparison(search Combat Mission Fortress Italy on the YouTube site).None of my videos or mitrals give commentary on actual gameplay,but I found mitrals videos of APOS to be very informative in learning how to play APOS myself.My videos of APOS are more of a graphics nature as opposed to actual gameplay.I play much differently in the campaign mode when I'm not trying to use the camera for the best graphic shots and focus more on tactics,also when I'm running the video program during gameplay it slows my game down as far as trying to give commands and moving the ingame camera around the battlefield.With that said,I'm not knocking CMFI.But,if I only had one choice between the two games,I would personally go with APOS.Be aware though,that APOS only concentrates on the Russian front pre 1944 and mostly in the area SE of Kharkov in Feb.-Mar. 1943 with no plans to visit the Western European theatre anytime in the near or distant future.So if you are looking for a game that simulates that theatre,than CMFI and CMBN are probably your best options.

BletchleyGeek -> RE: How does this compare with Combat Mission ? (8/9/2012 3:12:04 AM)

Besides the obvious differences in graphics and theater commented by other people already I see the following:

* APOS has a very, very strong model for AFV's. CMx2 is supposed to, but with APOS I can check all the hits during the AAR phase. Seeing is believing, they say.

* CMx2 has a slightly stronger infantry model. Infantry in APOS looks very good, but their behavior is... well, somewhat braindead. CMx2 infantry also has its quirks.

* APOS physics model is awesome: explosions move stuff around, people catches fire and dies, etc.

* APOS has the operational game, which is very simple, so simple it feels as RISK with logistics on top, but it still is a very, very refreshing change with respect to CMx2 canned campaigns and scenarios.

* CMx2 allows you to control stuff in a much more fine-grained way in some respects. Especially when it comes to the infantry.

* CMx2 has multi-player... and this is usually the litmus test for a game longevity.

* CMx2 and APOS have both editors. APOS has the terrain fixed (no wonder, I guess most of the DLC's are just the DEM/foliage/etc. data for the terrain) but allows you to edit oob structure. CMx2 has fixed OOB but custom maps can be created (and with the Italy expansion, now a bitmap underlay can be used to help with the map making FINALLY!). Fidelity of CMx2 maps is quite inferior to that of APOS.

* I'd say that CMx2 has a slightly more streamlined user interface when it comes to give orders to units. However APOS is awesomely superior when it comes to make players aware of the global situation (APOS minimap and alert system is just awesome).

If you have the money I'd say, get both. If you don't, then go for APOS unless PBEM is big deal for you.

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