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ZENDOART -> new up coming Game Noble Path (8/6/2012 6:48:42 PM)

Hey guys I'm kinda new to the forum and i just wanted to introduce myself and share this game that is in progress and needs support hope you like, we are doing our best with very little.
Please give your feedback.

- Harold

Noble Path is about a young boy named Keiro. After his father was murdered, the village wanted Keiro to take his talent as a young swordsman to fill the position his father left behind as the great village protector. Keiro's kid sister is kidnapped by three powerful foreigners invading the land with a mysterious army. Throughout the story, Keiro slowly figures out there is a more menacing, darker reason for his sisterís kidnapping and raiding of his land. In his journey he discovers four paths, four deities, which give him insight into a vast well of spiritual energy guided through a sword that is passed down from generation to generation.
Noble Path will be on iOS and if we meet or stretch goal through kickstarter we will port to other platforms like Linux, Mac, PC, Android, and even Ouya!

To support Noble Path, go to kickstarter dot com then search Poble Path.

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