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LazyBoy -> Replacement Player required (8/2/2012 4:25:40 AM)

We are playing a 5 player plus 9 AI
Game is at turn 6, only combat is between AI vs AI and AI attacking Players.

We need a player to take over a country vacated due to work commitments.

The main requirement is that turns are done as quickly as possible, We want to be doing 1 turn per day.

If you can do this please post your interest

Below is the game set-up

This will be a random x-large map, but I will tweek it with a large resource island by each human player. The islands will have a two level 3 oil wells and one level three raw site on it. The game will have 14 nations(of course only 5 human players), be sure to grab the AI nation with the same people's as your own nation to improve productivity. I will tweek the map to make navies usable as well as land battles.
Winning-losing conditions are: Once you lose your main capitol, you must surrender your nation with that particular button. If the player owns the capitol of his sister people's(That was orginally AI owned) then both capitols must fail before you concede or in reverse if you take the other human nation's capitol's/capitol. Make sense? The other way of knocking a nation(forcing a national surrender) out is through capturing the initial resource rich sites(island) that is initially added to each nation, so if a nations loses all three sites they must immediately concede their side(surrender their position with that pertinent buttom). I want to force naval battles as well as land battles. These resource rich islands will be relatively close to their home nations. Protect your capitols and this resource island/islands. Once a player captures two human capitols of a human player or two human resource islands they are proclaimed the winner.
This random scenario may play out quickly or be protracted depending on how folks play. Use diplomacy to defend or jointly attack another nation, trade research or resource sites as one wishes, stack with one another, but look out for back-stabs(they are allowed), bully, cajole, be-friend, help...whatever one wishes to do, but the winner is declared that takes two human capitols or two human resource islands. Not a combination of the two, i.e., one resource island or one human capitol taken will not declare the winner, but will knock those respective players out. Make sense? It must be two capitols or two resource islands to win. There are to be no declarations of war against the ai or human players for 6 turns to give them a chance to build up. If an AI nation attacks you before or on the 6th turn it is ok to progress the war against them. No diplomacy or in game discussions until the 6th turn is over and the 7th starts. Ok?
I think it will be an interesting random scenario with some quick or prolonged wars..maybe.
We need one more solid player for a turn around a day. If someone has an emergency and will be away..please let the other players know as we are all serious players of this game and look forward to our turns each day. Ok for all? Everyone else are experienced cut-throat players, that play to win. Once I get my black and whte version finished of my new book; I will send the sole winner a copy as winner of the free world. I think we should all have 1st turn refusal of the not so random game and then I will make another and tweek it again if needed. There will be serious play time invested , so I want folks to be initially happy with their positions. Ok?
I will send today and whomever the last player is will be last. Anybody solid in play and turn around to recommend Gents?
Best, Russ

Strategiusz -> RE: Replacement Player required (8/15/2012 3:52:15 PM)

I can take a country if you still need a player.

LazyBoy -> RE: Replacement Player required (Closed) (8/16/2012 2:39:17 AM)

Thanks for the offer but we have filled the place.
Sorry I thought I had closed this thread

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