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ernieschwitz -> third player for GD1938 (7/31/2012 2:39:26 PM)

Bombur and I, are ready to test the last months work on GD 1938.

We have added quite a number of new SFTs and changed some code, and we want to test it to see if everything is still balanced, and works like we think it does.

We plan to have a three sided game. These sides being:

1). Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan)
2). Soviet (Soviet union)
3). Allies (France, Britain, United States and China)

Should interest be overwhelming, and we might consider making it a game of 4 players. But above that we think experience shows is a bad idea.

Too be fair I want to mention that we will be playing with PBEM Cheat turned off, so that the game can be saved midturn. This is because of experiences with turns taking very long, and we want players to be able to play the game without needing several hours of free time, to use on just one turn, in one stretch.

I will give a full briefing on the nation(s) not being played by Bombur and I, explaining game mechanics, if they are not obvious.

Sign up here.

Kraftwerk -> RE: third player for GD1938 (7/31/2012 3:30:40 PM)

Ill play of course! Though if someone else wants to play ill let them.

Sorry I havent been around I literally just walked in the door.

ernieschwitz -> third player for GD1938 [Closed] (8/3/2012 1:22:04 PM)


It seems like we found our player(s).

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