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lion_of_judah -> Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:40:17 AM)

First map FANT setup ( Fant is the Government armed forces of Chad)


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:40:56 AM)

FANT 2nd setup - Southern Chad


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:41:25 AM)

Egyptian setup


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:42:11 AM)

The free Libyan army setup inside Egypt


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:42:56 AM)

Setup eastern Libya -


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:43:40 AM)

Libyan setup


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:44:10 AM)

Sudanese setup below

lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 12:46:09 AM)

Sudanese setup


lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 9:43:55 AM)

Maybe I should have named this " Libyan Arab Spring" seeing that really the focus will be on Libya with a side show in Chad. Units will represent Brigades, Divisions and Bltn's for this scenario.

Infantry Brigade = 4000 men or 20 rifle, 4 machine gun and 3 mortars and or bazooka's ( RPG).
Infantry Bltn = 1000- 1200 men or 6 rifle, 1 machine gun and 1 mortar and or bazooka
Infantry Division = 13200 men or 66 rifle, 10 machine gun, 9 mortar and 9 bazooka, 4 artillery ( 1 artillery=6 pieces or 1 battery)
1 plane = 1 plane
10 tanks = 100 tanks or 1 tank = 10 tanks
1 AIFV unit = 10 unit
1 machinegun = 1 machinegun platoon
1 mortar = 1 platoon, same applies to bazooka ( RPG) units

Story: Mounting tensions between Cairo and Tripoli over Egypts open support of the Free Libyan Army has caused Qaddafi to threaten a wider war if open conflict becomes a reality by invading her neighbor to the south ( Chad) and openingly supporting the anti-Chad government forces. Tripoli seeing a very real threat of war on the horizon has sent out feelers to Khortum in the hopes of forming an anti-Egyptian alliance there by causing Egypt to fight a two front war. Tripoli's objective; will be to hold at all costs the eastern section of her nation which holds the majority of the nations oil capacity.

Egypt for months now fearing her own Arab Spring has decided to openly support the FLA by training and supporting for now six FLA Infantry Brigades and several rebel Infantry Bltn's. Egypt's war objective if war does become a reality will be to protect rebel held areas but for the time being will not conduct offensive operations. Second Egypt plans on first destroying Libya's airforce in the east, then targeting her tank brigades which Egyptian intelligence has determined that all 3 of Libya's tank brigades are in the east along with several other units. Egypt has also noticed that an entire Libyan Army corps has moved south towards the border with Chad and so Quadifi may make his threat become a reality.

All this has caused the Egyptian High Command to move several Armoured and Mechanized Brigades towards the Libyan border as a show of force that Cairo will not allow Tripoli to invade Chad without punishment. Cairo also worries though that Khartoum will side with Libya thereby making the possibility of a 2 front war becoming a reality. The other nations surrounding Chad, Libya, Egypt and Sudan have decided to stay out of this one. Israel has let Cairo know that she will support her intervention against Libya and so those units along the canal can be moved towards the Libyan or Sudanese border if this becomes necessary.

Sudan: though she can tie down several Egyptian units, her offensive punch is almost non-exsistant. She does have a few tank brigades and mechanized brigades, no airforce to speak of. Khartoum objective will be to move along the coast and capture the Egyptian border town and that area which she claims Egypt has occupied now for several decades. How long she can hold this though or even take it is anyone's guess. If Egypt is allowed time to mobilze her full might before war actually breaks out then Sudan may just become another provence of Egypt.

Chad: her armed forces are small compared to the other nations surrounding her. She has great natural resources in the northern portion of the country and some oil in the east, so her objective will be to hold this at all costs. The only problem is time, if she is allowed to mobilze her resources she maybe able to hold the north unless Libya does as she says and invades soon, thereby causing a route of FANT forces if they are confronted in their current state. She only has 7 Infantry Bltn's, 1 Presidential guard brigade and 6-7 reserve Infantry Bltn's, 1 tank bltn and 11 fighter bombers. Not much when an entire Libyan Army Corps is massing on your door step. Her only ally, Egypt is too far away to have any effect unless they can draw the bulk of the Libyan forces away.

Libya: Time is not on her side, but time is what she needs in order to fight this war that she knows is coming. As it stands now if she doesn't reinforce her eastern air units with those from the west, then the east could be lost. Same time if she throws everything at the Egyptians and loses her entire airforce Tripoli has nothing to stop an Egyptian and or FLA advance into the rest of Libya. Her best shot maybe bying time by allowing the east to fall and fight a fighting withdrawl. Thereby saving her mobile forces for the counter attack which she knows she will have to do if victory is to be at hand. If she stands and fights in the east then all could be lost. If she makes good her threat and invades Chad then she will have the resources of the north to replace what she knows she will lose in the east.

Tripoli has aquired the license in order to build T-54 tanks and is hoping to acquire the license necessary to build fighters and only time will allow this, otherwise it maybe all lost before a shot is fired.

lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (7/31/2012 10:25:36 AM)

This is where the story stands as of now, so currently play testing with a AAR shortly. AAR's also for South America and Congo are being done as well so a lot to do......

lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (8/1/2012 8:18:33 AM)

while playing this, have come across something rather quickly that will need to be fixed. Chad is producing too much supply and so will need to reduce their production some, plus make it where they cannot build medium tanks, or fighter planes. I think them building armoured cars is fine and maybe light tanks but that is stretching it though. Libya, Egypt and to some extent Sudan can build tanks and such but not chad, either the government or rebels. Plan on posting some AAR's sometime in the morning on the first turns...

lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (8/16/2012 9:40:21 AM)

Have decided to add Israel as a regime and extended the map in order to have Israel on the map. Also gave her more territory than she has in real life. Since this is a hypothetical conflict based on actual events, decided why not. How could I have imagined that events such as these could unfold in this part of the world and not have Israel involved in someway or another. will provide screenshot later today

lion_of_judah -> RE: Libya-Chad war setup (8/16/2012 2:49:12 PM)

Screenshot " Israel has been added"


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