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blazej -> Better tutorial (7/30/2012 10:04:59 PM)


I've recently purchased Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge, and I just love their video tutorials as well as their manual. They make it really easy to learn how to play the game.

So here's the question: is it possible that someone will make a video tutorial like that for WitE one day? It would be so great... Unfortunately, the tutorial manual really does not cut it...

In essence, I'm asking to see if better introductory materials will ever be provided for WitE, focusing on real-life gameplay examples and on real game situations that go beyond descriptions of disconnected UI elements and concepts but that will put it all together to show how to manipulate the UI and how to use the game rules to achieve objectives...



elmo3 -> RE: Better tutorial (7/30/2012 10:50:50 PM)

Unless a player steps up to do them I'm pretty sure you won't see them for the current WitE. The devs are focused on WitW now. Maybe for WitE 2.

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