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Blind Sniper -> Case Blue (full) learning game (CLOSED) (7/29/2012 10:28:55 AM)

Hello guys,

after the first game sessions vs AI to learn the game mechanics now I'd like to play a full game but against an human opponent.

I don't mind winning, I just want to unserstand how the game works.

Looking for a Russian player. [:)]

krupp_88mm -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/29/2012 7:23:21 PM)

I might be interested, how many turns a day or week do you want to play?

Blind Sniper -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/29/2012 10:07:20 PM)

I don't know exactly, surely the first turns will be more long.

If you want a fast game maybe I'm not your best choice given that I can guarantee a turn every two days (normally).
No way to play every day for me.

krupp_88mm -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/30/2012 12:12:39 PM)

Do you want any home rules for the game? Or what settings should be on for the game?

Blind Sniper -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/30/2012 1:35:42 PM)

For the house rules as you wish, maybe just don't use HQ for offensive action (or encirclement).

High Command Rules ON
Dismissal Defeat Rule ON
Axis Minor Rules ON
C&C Rules ON

All the rest OFF including PBEM protection (very difficult for me play a whole turn in a single session), sorry.

I'd like to use this setting, let me know your preferences.

krupp_88mm -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/30/2012 10:55:00 PM)

sounds fine.. I just might add that if there is anything either side considers 'gamey' just say so and if agreed modify house rules as we go, because the game is rather unplaytested form what i imagine in the full scenario

I guess email me a password and host a game if u want

Blind Sniper -> RE: Case Blue (full) learning game (7/31/2012 12:31:44 AM)

I agree, PM sent! [:)]

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