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Raver508 -> How many losses is too many (7/23/2012 8:22:17 AM)

Just wondering about this. I'm playing Germans in a game and have lost something like 1.6 million men. Its the start of 1942 and I'm roughly on the historic lines of advance (plus have Leningrad). Am I screwed?

vinnie71 -> RE: How many losses is too many (7/23/2012 9:13:53 AM)

Not too badly. Depends a lot on what those losses are made up of...if there are many disabled, they will eventually return (tirckle back) so they are not total losses. The true total losses are the dead and the prisoners. Production will start ramiping up as well so don't lose heart.

BTW a lot of prisoners translate in a lot of Hiwis, that help a lot from Oct '41 by letting Germans transform support in rifle squads (as happened in real life). Also keep in mind that there are substantial allied reinforcements coming in '42, namely the Italian 8 Army (which is present approx for a year) and more importantly, a Hungarian army. The latter tend to by underestimated, but in '42 they actually become quite useful, especially since they can take over stretches of the line in quite sectors.

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