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vengen -> Possible Bugs in (7/22/2012 4:31:54 PM)

I've noticed a few things that may be bugs in (but I've played so infrequently in the last two years that they may be things that I've somehow messed up in my settings):

1 - Started a game as Wekkarus and the default escorts were the size of frigates, the default frigates were the size of destroyers, and the default destroyers were so large that I could not even build them.

2 - My next door neighbor Hakonish kept removing its trade embargo, then immediately re-imposing it. Both messages appear at the same time - the removal above the re-imposition. This stopped once I built a bunch more warships.

3 - I can't build them yet, but I have a bunch of non-obselete designs for Cruisers and Battleships in my design screen.

4 - This has been happening since at least, but sometimes I get the same exotic resource on two different planets - it's usually Zentenaba Fluid. Is that WAD or a bug?

I'm not seeing anyone else post bugs, so I'm thinking that this is probably an issue with my machine, a corrupt install, or I've messed up my settings?

Dracus -> RE: Possible Bugs in (7/24/2012 2:18:58 AM)

number 3 has always been there, the auto design will create plans for every ship type even if you can not build them yet.

feelotraveller -> RE: Possible Bugs in (7/25/2012 9:20:26 AM)

Number 4 has always happened, at least on bigger maps.  I regularly encounter more than one source of each exotic resource on the largest map.  Though they could have tweaked the thresholds in recent patches?

WoodMan -> RE: Possible Bugs in (7/25/2012 1:28:40 PM)

Yes number 3 and 4 aren't bugs they are WAD.

vengen -> RE: Possible Bugs in (7/25/2012 10:15:06 PM)

My issue with #3 is that the old designs are not getting obsoleted, so I end up with 15 or 20 crusiser and battleship designs being displayed as avaialble for construction.

However, since no one else is reporting any problems like mine, it's probably something specific to my situation. I'm side tracked onto something else right now, but when I get a chance I'll re-install and patch directly to and see if #1, 2, and 3 go away.

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