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ZeMage -> Game suggestion? (7/21/2012 5:52:38 PM)

Hi all, I hope this is posted in the right place for this.

Anyway im looking for a good strategy game mainly turn based, Im not one of the hardcore strat gamers but i
play/have played many strategy games and well im looking for something new.

For RTS and i still play them to this day is sins of a solar empire, warzone 2100, and Medieval total war 2 there the only 3 worth mentioning that i like but im looking for some turn based games.

Turn based games i have liked are Galactic civilizations 2, Warlock: Master of the arcane, and
Storm frontline nation, Thats pretty much it really i love city management in my turn based games which most of them lack.

Again what im looking for really is something that has very good city management and is a turn based game, Would prefer it to be hex based but as long as its turn based its no problem.

junk2drive -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/21/2012 6:17:48 PM)


I can't think of any city building games here at Matrix. There are a couple of 4x games. For WWII there is Panzer Corps, similar to the old Panzer General.

Josh -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/21/2012 8:54:37 PM)

Hey and welcome, city building games ... mmm maybe good old Civilization? *if* you have Steam installed they have summersale right now and the whole package of CIVIII, IV and V including all DLC's is now 25 . A bargain. Personally I stopped loving Civ since it became so cartoony in IV and V, but it's still epic turn based strategy with a huge amount of city management.

ZeMage -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/21/2012 10:50:15 PM)

Its not City building im after, Just a lot of city management like AOE2 you could say? Warlock does this nicely but not as much as i want it to for example you build farms and the sort to gain food and markets to gain gold, I think in a WW2 game it would be politics that im after? I dont know how this sort of system works in a WW2 game something similar to hearts of iron 3?

See in Storm Frontline nation you have a map of the EU, You can research new tech for nuclear war and you can pick a war with whoever you want, Not really much city building in that game but it does have a lot of city management.

Josh -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/22/2012 8:09:47 AM)

Well Stronghold and Caesar are games where you actually "build" stuff in your cities, but then these games are not on a "europe-map" scale, AOE and the Civ series are much grander but are more "city- management" where buildings only increase certain statistics say culture/science/defense and so on. Most games steer away from politics, just too complicated, only game that does it that I know of is the HOI series... but that's too much micro management IMHO.
Maybe you are looking for "Making History II"

ZeMage -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/22/2012 9:54:21 AM)

I have looked a lot at the making history series but many people say Making history 2 was pretty bad :/

ilovestrategy -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/22/2012 3:41:03 PM)

Well, I just wanted to say Welcome to Matrix. [:)]

Josh -> RE: Game suggestion? (7/22/2012 4:19:37 PM)



I have looked a lot at the making history series but many people say Making history 2 was pretty bad :/

Well now I wouldn't worry about that. I've played games that got raving reviews and I played them maybe a couple of times, just couldn't get into them.
Right now I'm having an absolute blast with "Iron Font; liberation 1944". It's got very bad reviews and customers demanding their money back from Steam... and I'm having an absolute blast with this game. Granted it had some ... 'issues' [:D] in single player, but multiplayer online is just awesome.
So yeah reviews and forums may give an indication of what a game might be like, but in the end *you* are the one playing it.

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