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Templer_12 -> Statements, opinions and assistance for an irresolute. (7/19/2012 6:08:27 PM)

We wanted more and detailed information as possible and user reports to Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue.

We lack the time right now to strengthen us in War in the East.
Also, the estimated due to the players and regular updates here often to learn over and over again (which wa are actually quite enjoying it).

Game concept, scope, presentation of War in the East like us well but we would really like to instantly something less deep and the game flow more quickly.

We play now slow in thought with the purchase of Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue.
For what is presented here, screenshots and these few statements we found raised our interest.

We are the owner of Advanced Tactics: Gold and of these, though not everything was bad, ultimately disappointed. It simply wasn't my cup of tea.[:(]
Elsewhere, however, we are assured, that the Decisive Campaigns with Advanced Tactics series really: gold movements can be compared.

Therefore we ask for information from user.

Found something fascinating in Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue?

Keunert -> RE: Statements, opinions and assistance for an irresolute. (7/19/2012 8:26:31 PM)

Vieles wurde bereits gesagt, man möge sich bemühen und all die Lobeshymnen durchgehen.

Hochachtungsvoll Keunert

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