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mikemcmann -> 45 Koenigsburg Defense vic cond failure (7/16/2012 11:59:30 PM)

I just finished the Konigsburg Defense mission (in the defense branch of the 45 pack)

I captured/held every victory location. And all but two or so of the non victory locales. At the turn mark 18 (end of scenario) it said I had a marginal victory.

The requirements were to hold all VP locales for decisive and at least 3 for a marginal. I have reloaded multiple times from various turns leading up to it and with same results.

It was a significantly hard task to hold on to them all without any unit losses. I would like to actually progress to the decisive branch....

Please help!

Ive tried a dozen different things to upload a screen or my save file to no avail. Please tech advise on if this is a bug, or what else I can do to give you the data so you can replicate.


James Ward -> RE: 45 Koenigsburg Defense vic cond failure (7/17/2012 12:07:03 PM)

You need to capture every flag on the map, not just the objectives, to get a DV. It is pretty hard to do in this scenario.

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