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If you can get some force to the west over on Rossel Island, you can start to add more pressure to the southern part of NG. It would soon lead to making Port Moresby undefendable.

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ORIGINAL: ny59giants

If you can get some force to the west over on Rossel Island, you can start to add more pressure to the southern part of NG. It would soon lead to making Port Moresby undefendable.

Shhhh....that's part of the plan! Details to follow:


Sinking Transports:

Today we slipped a CV TF undetected to sink a whole bunch of transports around Buna and Torokina. While somewhat satisfying to sink a bunch of helpless ships, it's not that big a deal, other than what it will probably lead to. I was hoping for alot more, but one TF in particular evaded me.

None of the sunken ships was strategic, and there weren't any troops. The Empire has plenty of transports at this stage.

The main impacts will be:
1. Greyjoy will probably refine his airsearch; we were unspotted until the attack
2. I already had INTEL that HARUNA was moving toward Kaveing, which I suspect is the main base here, not Rabaul. I think he'll bring KB together there

I already see fewer planes in the DEI, so I think that big sucking sound is troops and stuff being moved to the Solomons.

Plans in the Solomons:

I hate the Solomons; I don't think they are very strategic, but it is a place you can advance using LBA mostly, and without alot of APAs or other valuable landing ships, so it's a good place to stay busy.

The plan out here is to bypass and starve major garrisons. A good example is Port Moresby; this place is garrisoned by 35,000 Japanese, including the 56th Division, one of the better ones. There is no way I'm landing directly on that!

So, we are soon landing at Terapo, which will close the Bismarck Strait. I have other units prepping for Milne, which will isolate PM by ship, though he hasn't docked anything there in 6-8 months, so they are drawing supply from Buna. But once I am in Milne Bay, and those nearby islands, he'll have to walk out of there or let them starve; either way is OK by me.

Otherwise, I think Greyjoy is abandoning the Lower Solomons below Shortlands; suddenly, there are high transport ops losses, so I think he's airlifting out some items. I am going to leave several spots alone, so the heavy equipment will rot.

The next moves are dot bases below Shortlands, easy takes that can be built up without a problem. Then, it's closer to Rabaul

I still don't know how far I'm going here, but I would rather the IJN be here than in the DEI.....

Naval Status:

I have 4 CVs operational now; YORK, HORNET, WASP, and VICTORIOUS. SARA and LEX are just leaving San Fran after repairs, and all are complete. ESSEX is coming shortly, then a bunch of CVs and CVLs in the summer. After that, we may take on KB, but not before.

I am finally getting BBs back as well; IDAHO is nearly repaired, along with INDIANA and WASHINGTON. NEVADA and OKLAHOMA should be complete in a month. Only CALIFORNIA, which suffered 80 major float damage in the Pearl Harbor attack, is more than 4 months out (She'll be done, though, in late 1943).

The IJN is pretty much intact; he's lost 2 CAs and 7 CLs and alot of DDs, but nothing big, nothing major. That's a problem.


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We are finally back on track; Greyjoy was off for a week on a big case

Greyjoy posted this picture of his big case. Actually he did say he was busy but he had some additional best man duties


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Why is he always posting pictures being drunk and in company of men?:-)

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ORIGINAL: goran007

Why is he always posting pictures being drunk and in company of men?:-)

I asked this question myself a while ago. But maybe we just dont want to know it. And of course, we dont need to know it either.

QB: How is the situation in China ?

Gr8 AAR, really enjoying it ! [&o]

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ORIGINAL: Oliver Heindorf


ORIGINAL: goran007

Why is he always posting pictures being drunk and in company of men?:-)

I asked this question myself a while ago. But maybe we just dont want to know it. And of course, we dont need to know it either.

QB: How is the situation in China ?

Gr8 AAR, really enjoying it ! [&o]

Actually, I haven't seen a picture of Greyjoy before. Always interesting to see opponents picture! He looks pretty loaded there, that's for sure! Greyjoy is a very gracious and excellent opponent for sure. Seems like he's living the swinging European life, while I am very boring here in the suburbs with a house, kids, dogs, etc. Yawn!


Other than constant bombing, nothing is happening in China. I think Greyjoy has stopped.

I have a perimeter of lots of troops around Chungking; I have 6 hexes stacked to the max with troops. I actually need some to die or something, it's a bit of a problem finding room. Chungking is constantly overstacked until I move units out.

Kunming/Tsuyung/Paoshan is holding; I have a mountain redoubt here. While nice, he can bottle me up with a minimum of troops.

I think Greyjoy is done in China; I think he is moving units out for the Pacific, and why not. He can move 1/2 the China Army out no problem.

China is over.


Interesing few days, mostly in the DEI above Darwin, and in the Solomons.


I have been bombarding airstrips with cruisers constantly. I am mostly hoping to burn his supplies and keep airbases closed. I have a number of ships out righ tnow as bait; so far, he isnt' buying, other than Zeros/Frances sortied a couple turns, and I shot down 50 planes or so. So that's nice.

I am planning a move here, but I want to do a couple things at once, so he has to spread his LBA out.


Thousand Ships Bay is secure. An IJN Fast Transport picked-up a unit at Munda; that's probably wise, because that base is untenable for him at this point. If he moves out the combat troops, I'll take it; if not, I'll bypass and isolate it.

My general plan is to mostly bypass and isolate garrisons. This is a way to tamp-down the size of the IJA, and also allows me to conqure with mostly engineers and LBA, two things I have alot of to spare.

I feel KB is out there somewhere around Kaveing, based on that intel report from a few days ago. I am being careful not to expose anything I can't lose.

We are going to land a division at Tulagi; mostly, I want the port for later uses, so we're going to take it.


Sardaukar -> RE: May Days (2/11/2013 7:19:16 AM)

You could try to get Tagula and Rossel Islands, to put some pressure on GreyJoy. Also, some of those other dot-bases close by might become useful.

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/12/2013 4:11:49 AM)


ORIGINAL: Sardaukar

You could try to get Tagula and Rossel Islands, to put some pressure on GreyJoy. Also, some of those other dot-bases close by might become useful.

Taluga and Rossel are actually garrisoned.......and I don't have troops prepped. I have 2 divisions prepping for Milne Bay, though, and another 2 for Torokina.

The other dot bases, Rekata Bay, and Vella Lavella, are empty, and next on the list. Just getting the troops moved up to plant on them. As much as possible I want to advance on empty bases; Thousand Ships and Kirakira were both empty when I landed. Not only is this easier, but it bypasses the garrisoned bases, making those units useless. They are better off to me starving in place then being destroyed, because destroyed units can be rebuilt.

As the Allies, you have so many engineers, it doesn't even matter if the base has ZERO port potential; you can bang out a lvl-1 port, enough to support an airbase. Allied Engineering is one of the best weapons they have.....


Solomons Fun:

We landed at Tulagi, the 7th US Infantry Div, and an Australian Tank Regt. The Garrison is 10th Garrison Unit (a light Brigade-sized unit), and an SNLF. These guys stopped the first assault at 1-2, but they suffered 40 disabled squads in the process, so I think the next attack will be able to knock the forts down. I am bombing it every day, and they are isolated, so it's only a matter of time.

We also got lucky off Thousand Ships; a couple DDs that were moving to intercept shipping at Munda were caught by IJN LBA. How is this lucky? Leaky Cap from Thousand Ships shot down 15 planes, and the DDs escaped without loss. Nice!

We are loading up men for Rekata Bay, which is undefended. I will land in about 3-4 days. After that's a size-1 or 2 airstrip, we'll land at Vella Lavella.

Again, the point here is to do all this without CV support. We can't take on KB right now.


This base is built-up enough to move out of it. This is real sideshow that I don't care about, but I have plenty of engineers, so why not land them somewhere to move the ball slightly? I might as well.

Abemama and Ocean Is are empty; we will land engineers there, and give is a couple months to build, before moving on.


We also posted a couple DDs south of Babar; this time, instead of leakers, it was a genuine CAP-trap. We have shot down about 40 planes for little loss, as IJN Torpedo bombers attempted to sink the DDs. Torpedo bombers rarely hit DDs, so this is a futile task for sure.

We are trying to get him to pull his CAP in a bit, making it easier for the next move

PT Boats:

Greyjoy asked about the PT boats I have at Samlauki and Babar. I admit that's a bit far from home-base; I've been fueling them from DDs. I've agreed to stop doing that, and only use PTs within 6 hexes of a base, and refuel them from the base. Seems more realistic.

From Thousand Ships, though, Munda is within range, so I'm using them there......

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/13/2013 4:05:14 PM)


Air Losses:

I screwed up air settings for my group of 4Es at Darwin, and accidently ran them into a buzzsaw over Boela. 38 of my bombers bit the dust! That was VERY bad. I am producing 48 a month, and not quite keeping up with losses.

On the bright side, we have inflicted alot of losses on the IJN Air, intentional and unintentional. We need to test the limits of Greyjoy's settings, so I am setting CAP traps with DDs and other ships. I also am sending out various TFs to confuse my intentions. One of the traps, though, was totally untintentional; the DDs ended up where I didn't want them, but leaky CAP from Thousand Ships protected them anyway. Sometimes, leakers work in your favor.

I had moved 2 CVEs to Darwin, to provide an advanced air platform for Hellcats. So far this is working, as the Hellcats have racked-up over 100 kills between them. These are two replenishment CVEs, I moved the DBs off of them to make them fighter-only platforms.

I have to be careful; if KB ever shows, they'll plaster these CVEs, so I need to keep them close to Darwin, and under an LBA LRCAP umbrella, which I am.


I should be landing at Rekata Bay shortly. I don't see how Greyjoy can stop it without committing KB, and even then he'll lose a bunch of planes. He'll probably allow me to keep crawling up the Solomons like that, until I get close to Rabaul.

We are also planning a landing at Terapo, which should also go off without a hitch other than air opposition.


My carrier situation should improve within the next 3 months, allowing me to take-on KB.

SARA and LEX are approaching Noumea, and ESSEX is about to appear. I have 3 more CVEs headed west from the US Coast. More importantly, there is a big chunk of CVs that come in the summer of 1943. Those will tip the balance.

Tough decision, but I decided to send REPULSE in for a 3-month upgrade of AA. I hate to lose her for 3 months, but she'll come out with enough AA power to replace one of the fast USN BBs as a CV escort, and allow me to use the USN Fast BBs for bombardments.

Repairs on IDAHO are complete, and NEVADA/OKLAHOMA are finishing an AA upgrade within a month. WASHINGTON and INDIANA are 15 days from completion of repairs. Once all these are done, only CALIFORNIA will remain in the yards.


Capt. Harlock -> RE: May Days (2/13/2013 8:28:21 PM)


I am producing 48 a month, and not quite keeping up with losses.

That seems a tad low for May '43. Do you mean you're producing 48 Liberators per month, and not counting Fortresses?

JocMeister -> RE: May Days (2/13/2013 8:52:06 PM)


ORIGINAL: Capt. Harlock


I am producing 48 a month, and not quite keeping up with losses.

That seems a tad low for May '43. Do you mean you're producing 48 Liberators per month, and not counting Fortresses?

You stop getting Fortresses very early. August 42? Its 48 4Es per month until late 43 when you get a small bump again when the J model starts late 43.

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/14/2013 4:15:21 PM)


In answer to Capt. Harlock, B-24D1 production right now is 48 per month. That would be enough if I didn't occasionally screw-up and lose 40 in a buzzsaw like I just did. Greyjoy uses his fighters very well, concentrating them at major bases and sometimes surprising me. Seems like he keeps them rested, with good leaders, and at the right altitudes. He definitely knows how to handle the airforce tactically.

When the B-24J comes in, production increases to 65 per month.

Rekata Bay:

We have landed cleanly at Rekata Bay, unloading 3 units and supplies with no opposition. We should have an airstrip here in a week or two; then, a move to Vella Lavella. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

We bombarded Shortlands, nuking the strip with cruisers and destroying 10 fighters, while damaging a bunch and forcing the rest to relocate. Shortlands will probably not be used again, so we've effectively shut it down. Same for Munda.

So, this is the pattern in Solomons: Land on dots, cover with LBA Fighters and PTs, use lesser shipping for transports in case the IJN shows up, and cover with cruisers. I'm playing conservatively here, but we can make some progress without CV support, at least as far at the Treasury Islands. After that, Greyjoy has garrisons at Shortlands, Torokina, and Buka/Buna, so we'll have to fight for the next leap. That's also closer to Rabaul, so I think he'll fight. In the meantime, I think he's letting me take the lower Solomons.

At Tulagi, the troops there still hold! Very tough battle, lvl 4 forts are saving it. Still, he has no way to bring in supplies, so we'll grind until we start dropping the forts, then it should fall quickly.

I think he evacuated most of the troops at Lunga via air; I am sending more recon to verify. If so, I will stop bombing it, and allow the remaining heavy equipment there to stay and rot. But the bombers reported only guns and vehicles there.


I've been bombing and harassing IJA troops in Burma for a month, and Greyjoy finally jumped one of my runs, with about 300 fighters! He shot down over 90 planes! I don't know why I even bother in Burma; I'm going to completely hibernate. There is no point. He has over 150,000 troops arrayed along the border, which is a big commitment. We'll leave them there and go around. I'm already prepping for that.....

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/17/2013 5:13:28 PM)

6-1-43 to 6-9-43:

Terapo Landings:

We suffered some major losses landing at Terapo, though we did get ashore.

I sent about 600 AV landing at the base; an Australian Division, and a NZ Bde for good measure. We landed using APA and LSI, the infantry landing ships. Aircover provided by 110 CVE-base fighters (Hellcat and Wildcat), and also P-38s from Horn Island.

Greyjoy sent LOTS of A/C overwhelming my CAP, and sending 5 APA/LSI to the bottom! 3 more are likely to sink. This is the bad!

On the bright side, he lost over 130 planes that day on air attacks, but many of the losses came against Rekata Bay, where IJN air was really shredded attempting to sink a cruiser.

We are ashore clean at Terapo; I should be able to take the base, and build it up quickly, shutting down the strait on that side of NG, as well as extending my airsearch past New Ireland.

But I can't afford such losses on assault ships, at least not yet; I will need to be very careful with the APAs. I have lost about 10 good assault ships now, which is too many, even though I am getting a couple a month or so

I expect him to contest landing engineers at Terapo; I will use LSTs for this, which I have plenty of

Rekata Bay:

Rekata Bay is already almost a lvl-2 airstrip, and climing of course. We are loading-up for Vella Lavella, and after that the Treasury Islands. From there, we will pause, while I invest Milne Bay.

There is still no sign anywhere of KB, which makes me nervous. Last intel was on HARUNA moving to Kaveing, but that's a couple weeks old now.


We occupied Abemama, an island 2 hexes from Tarawa, without any opposition. I will build the base, and plot a next move. This area is a very low priority; I am only moving here simply because I can, and also to shorten supply lines between US and Australia.


All 6 Operational CVs are together off Australia. ESSEX is headed that way, and of course, a couple more CVs behind her!

I have named the new CVs that are coming: First will be CONSTELLATION, then CONGRESS. The other re-names are ALLIANCE and REPRISAL. I stuck with the theme of old USN Sailing ships. CONSTELLATION is a no-brainer, one of the Lexington BCs was to be named that, and later a USN CV was named CONSTELLATION


Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/17/2013 6:00:47 PM)


Well, that was a bad day for the Allies! Greyjoy ambushed one of my bombardment runs at Lautem, sinking NASHVILLE, 2 Dutch CLs, and crippling MINNEAPOLIS and DENVER (I think both will survive, though).

That was bad on my part, I should have foreseen that. The IJN TF was 3 BBs and 2 CAs, but it was the BBs, coupled with Kates flying during the day, that did all of the damage

I need to be more careful! I have lost now over a dozen modern cruisers, in addition to a pile of older ones, and I've only sunk 2 IJN CAs (and those were very early in the war).

It's harder to be on the attack, but this is a problem I need to address

On the brighter side, Terapo looks like it's going to fall pretty quick; first attack dropped the forts to 2.

crsutton -> RE: May Days (2/17/2013 10:59:35 PM)

You will get working torpedoes in late 43 and after 44 your night time experience on arriving warships will jump dramatically. This combined with the flood of Fletchers is a game changer. I don't recall really losing a surface engagement after 1944.

gmoney -> RE: May Days (2/18/2013 1:44:39 PM)

Naming a ship after congress? Are you trying to get her sunk? Or do you just plan on her sitting around doing nothing like her namesake? :p Either way, It's nice looking forward to the toys I'll eventually get to play with in this game...

Q-Ball -> State of the Game (2/19/2013 3:45:01 AM)


ORIGINAL: crsutton

You will get working torpedoes in late 43 and after 44 your night time experience on arriving warships will jump dramatically. This combined with the flood of Fletchers is a game changer. I don't recall really losing a surface engagement after 1944.

That should be right....I am posting losses to date, but DDs is one area I am ahead in, for sure.

I am still learning the surface combat facet of the game, and learning to build multiple smaller TFs, with only one capital ship type.



Rekata Bay is already a lvl-4 airbase (I love Allied engineering!), and Vella Lavella already has 4 engineer units on it. It should be operational shortly, at which point we are ready to land on the Treasury Islands, and build that up.

At that point, the next stop will be contest, for sure. I have 2 Australian Divisions, plus tanks and engineers, prepping for Torokina, which is the next target. Shortlands is a little better, but it's more strongly defended.

Once Torokina falls, I'll move on dot bases around Rabaul. I will want to grab the Admiralties (Manus), as a major port for future movements.

We also plan a leap-frog advance up the New Guinea coast

All of this is isolating, or threatening to isolate, several IJA Garrisons, including:

20,000 troops at Munda, Lunga, Russel (these are isolated)
35,000 at Port Moresby more to follow. He can airlift stuff out of course, or march the PM garrison to Buna, but leaving heavy equipment behind isn't good.


There is a bit of a lull right now, so we are creating some shipping noise in various quarters. I have a major move planned, and want to send confusing signals. Recon flights, ships at sea, forming lots of TFs in port to produce radio signals, that type of thing.

State of the Game:

Please chime in, but posting a state of the game at this point, mid-1943.


Here I am in OK shape. The biggest black mark is that China is basically gone; we control about 6 hexes around Chungking, and he'll probably leave Chungking alone, but that's it other than the Mountain Redoubt around Kunming to Paoshan.

Greyjoy ran a great land campaign in China, really killing me there. He did a couple innovative things, like buying every tank unit on the map into one stack, and blitzkrieging me. It was well done.

Otherwise, though, his expansion was very conservative. He left Cocos Islands alone, which was a mistake, IMO, though I stacked it with CD guns and troops very early. He did take Northern Australia, but abandoned it quickly.

At this point, territory is almost exactly historical, which probably favors me in WITP-AE; most Japanese players are ahead of historical in terms of land at this point

Naval Losses:

Overall, I think Greyjoy has the slight upper hand here, though nothing is fatal. At this point, the Allies should have more surface losses, particularly in BBs (thanks to Pearl attack), and I do. Some of it is also my fault too.


CV Enterprise
7 CAs (2 USN CAs, and 5 RN CAs)
8 CLs that are Modern (4 USN and 4 RN)
14 Old CLs (Dutch, Omahas, RN C and D classes)
11 Modern DDs
9 Old DDs (Dutch, Clemsons, or old RN)

2 CAs
7 CLs
20 Modern DDs (Fubuki and Later)
11 Older DDs (Mutsuki and Older)

My high surface losses are due to a few factors. First, I was aggressive early, to try to limit IJN usage, and make him be conservative. That worked for sure, though it cost me a bunch of cruisers, especially RN cruisers.

Second, IJN Subs have really been effective, sinking NEW MEXICO and MARYLAND cleanly, among other hits, plus several cruisers.

Finally, I have lost some to dumb air attacks, and Greyjoy traps, and general losses from being dumb or aggressive, like that trap a couple days ago at Lautem

Overall, my CRUISER losses are fairly bad, but not fatal; in DDs, however, I have had hardly any losses. It's almost impossible to get to mid-1943 with only 20 sunk DDs, given all the ways you can lose them. So I'm ahead there.


Hard to tell where I am air losses I think are a little higher than normal vs. the Japanese.


Q-Ball -> Major Moves (2/22/2013 5:19:46 PM)


A couple leaps were successfully made by the Allies....and I think Greyjoy will feel more pressure now.

Treasury Islands:

We successfully landed on the Treasury Islands. Japanese DBs sortied from Truk in numbers, sinking 4 LCIs and an escort, but we shot down over 70 of them via LRCAP from Vella Lavella, which is now an active airstrip.

Hate to lose 4 LCI, but that's alot of planes lost, and I know that Greyjoy wasn't happy with that result.

With Treasury Islands occupied, soon we will have an airbase large enough to support a landing at Torokina...and this time it will be contested. WE have 2 Divisions and Tanks almost 100% prepped for this move, which I anticipate making in about 2 weeks. By then, we'll have large airbases built in support at Treasury, Vella Lavella, and Rekata Bay. Units are already prepping for Green Is and Feni Island, and even Manus.


This was the big move; I've been trying to get a foothold north of Darwin forever, and Greyjoy smacked one of my attempts with KB. Finally, though, we succeeded.

First, I've been sailing transports TFs constantly above Darwin, with LRCAP. This had two purposes: 1, to draw his Nav Attack back closer to Ambon, and 2, make the appearance of lots of transports routine. That way, when I sailed with alot of transports, he wouldnt' be able to tell if it was an invasion or not.

I packed in a way that I could unload everyone in one day, and set-up in a hex that was within striking distance of 4 bases; for that reason, I was not expecting surface TF oppossition, because with so many bases it's impossible to guess where I would be the next night. I was more afraid of air attacks, which is why I had the Hellcats available. The nearest active airbases were Ambon and Boela; Taberfane and Dobo were bombed to bits, and the nearer bases are level-0 (Babar, Samlauki)

The target is Molu; we loaded 1 Marine Regt, 1 Base Force, 2 Nav Construction Regiments, 1 US Army Regt on landing craft, in a way they could all unload in a day. Additionally, we have 1 Para Regt, and 1 Para Bn dropped by 175 Transport Aircraft at Darwin.

I dont' have the turn yet, but I did get the replay, and we landed clean, unloaded everyone, without a scratch!

This is pretty big; it's enough combat power that he can't really dislodge them. Those 2 Naval Construction Regts have 225 Engineer rating each, so we'll have lvl-3 forts up in no time, and after that an airstrip, where I can base some RAAF Spitfires. Once that's in place, I will land 35000 troops at Samlauki, and reduce that, then Kai Island. I have a full division's worth of AV on a rough terrain hex, 100% prepped; he would need several divisions fairly well prepped already to counter. I highly doubt he could have that handy.

This will be a bit of a slog here, but I'm OK with that, since we can advance using LBA. I have a different plan for the main carrier forces.


crsutton -> RE: Major Moves (2/22/2013 7:14:47 PM)

Well, you lost a few too many cruisers, but considering everything else I would not be unhappy with your position if I were playing the game. Killing the 30 DDs is a fair trade off. Japan never has enough and it just gets worse. After experiencing it myself, I think the only real disaster that can befall the Allied player early on is the loss of the carriers. Everything else can be dealt with-China included. I am commenting more on GJs AAR but you both are playing well.

Was Mel Janssen a relative of yours?

Q-Ball -> RE: Major Moves (2/22/2013 7:23:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: crsutton

Was Mel Janssen a relative of yours?

He was my grandfather...he died in 2006, but lived a long time after the war. The photo is of him is from 1942; you won't recognize the rank insignia, he was Lt. Col. of the University of Illinois ROTC Corps. Right after that, he was commissioned 2nd Lt and shipped off to Fort Sill, then the Pacific

Gramps was an artilleryman first, but was also trained as a pilot; he flew an L-5 Piper Cub, and was attached to 41st Infantry Division. Each Infantry Division had a TOE of roughly 2-3 Piper Cubs for spotting and liason work. Gramps was a replacement; the original pilots were all killed, which probably doesn't make you feel good as a replacement.....

Anyway, he joined the 41st at Finschaven, landed at Biak, spent alot of time in hospital at Zamboanga, and finally ended-up in Japan. He had 3 brushes with death: 1944, chased by Zero fighter, survived by flying low over friendly AA field. He caught Hepatits, that put him in hospital for 4 months. Finally, almost blown-up in November 1945 on the island of Eta Jima in Kure harbor, when an IJN munitions dump they were disposing of blew up. Fortunately, it was Thanksgiving Day, so nobody was hurt.

More stories, but that's the gist!

JocMeister -> RE: Major Moves (2/22/2013 7:35:09 PM)

Nice move on Molu! [&o]

Not writing much but still reading your AAR trying to learn something! [:)]

JeffroK -> RE: Major Moves (2/22/2013 9:41:26 PM)

Be careful when you get your CV back into action.
Despite having Hellcats, you pilot skills could still be well below that of the KB pilots.

Maybe bash a few of those cut off garrisons before getting into a serious battle.

Q-Ball -> Expensive Victories (2/25/2013 3:28:22 PM)


Oontong Java:

A Regt landed at this base, and took it; the garrison, an SNLF Unit, was gone. He must have airlifted it out last-minute, as I was bombing that unit consistently, and causing losses. Good tactic, because I wasted a prep for an Inf Regt and Tank Bn.

Oontong Java is useful mostly as a seaplane base to watch my flank as I advance up the Solomons; it's not major conquest at all.


Marine DBs from Rekata Bay sortied and sank several ships delivering troops to Torokina: 3 APDs, plus an AMC. There was no CAP, which was probably an error on Greyjoy's part. Nice kill, plus some troops died on board!

Kido Butai Trashes my Ships:

The landing at Molu, however, does not go unpunished. Kido Butai shows up, and the result was a bloody day!

First, I confirmed the presence of several accelerated ships in KB, including TAIHO, UNRYU, AMAGI. KB is over 12 CVs plus several CVLs, quite a collection of aircraft.

The day started with KB launching against shipping around Molu; this was covered by HELLCATS flying off my 3 CVEs. He missed the 2 BBs guarding the hex, but sank about 5 LSTs, and 2 xAKs, plus an SC and a couple xAPc. Nothing, really. He lost alot of planes doing this.

My CAP finally failed, though, over the CVEs, as he broke through and sank 2 CVEs, and 2 DDs, while heavily damaging CL RICHMOND and another CVE; both will likely not survive. This means a total loss of 3 CVEs, and another CL, albeti an older one. I've really lost alot of cruisers! The 2 DDs aren't a big deal, and one of them was a Clemson-class anyway.

So, losing that shipping stinks, though he did lose nearly 200 aircraft, including at least 150+ from his CVs. It's likely he lost alot of elite pilots in there he can't replace, so that's a silver lining anyway. Still, I would rather lose planes than ships.

That makes 5 CVEs that I have lost in this game; not fatal, but I need to watch it.

But the bigger picture is that I have 500+ AV at Molu, with 10K supplies, and tons of engineering support. This base will be operational within a week, which will be bad for him. The garrisons at Taberfane, Dobo, Samlauki, Babar, and Selaroe will be effectively cut-off, that's about 70000 troops at least. I'll get a count at some point. More importantly, I have a foothold I can exploit with LBA.

As a side note, one of the IJN subs was forced to surface, and was finished by a 14-in shell from PENNSYLVANIA. That's the 2nd time a BB has put a shell into a sub in this game. No, neither survived! Is that overkill, or what?


Speaking of CVs, ESSEX is about to arrive off Australia. I still have 5 CVEs off OZ, with another 2 on the way from West Coast US. A batch of 2 CVs and 3 CVLs is about to appear at Balboa. So, I should have CV superiority, or at least parity, shortly.


ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: May Days (2/25/2013 3:28:32 PM)

I've just entered '43 in my PBEM playing the same mod. I see I get the Navy version of the B-24s (PB4Y-1) as of Nov 42 and I now see 20 of them in my pools. I don't see any PB4Y-1 air groups as reinforcements till April '43. Do you know of any air groups that I can convert over to these beast now?? I'm willing to use PP to do so, but I cannot find any.

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (2/25/2013 3:34:31 PM)


ORIGINAL: ny59giants

I've just entered '43 in my PBEM playing the same mod. I see I get the Navy version of the B-24s (PB4Y-1) as of Nov 42 and I now see 20 of them in my pools. I don't see any PB4Y-1 air groups as reinforcements till April '43. Do you know of any air groups that I can convert over to these beast now?? I'm willing to use PP to do so, but I cannot find any.

I noticed the same thing....great minds think alike![:D] I'm always short of Army 4Es, but here the Navy gets oodles of them, more than they need.

I've paid the PPs to convert some of the PV-1 units. I like the PV-1 for maritime patrol, and it carries a decent bomb load anyway, but converting to 4E makes sense. And in the end, you get so many PV-1s as well, might as well commit those to combat too, and save the B-25s. It's counterintuitive, but have to use the planes you get.

Not sure why, but the Navy gets alot more bomber replacements than they need, unlike the Army.

PaxMondo -> RE: May Days (2/27/2013 2:01:18 AM)


Not sure why, but the Navy gets alot more bomber replacements than they need, unlike the Army.

PacTheatre was Naval focus ... Army had no interest until after VE day. So, what aviation assets the Navy got allocated, they put them into the PacTheatre when they could with lip service to the Atlantic. Or at least, this is the impression I have been left with from my readings.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: May Days (2/28/2013 2:35:54 AM)

Just found that VP-51 is allowed to upgrade to PB4Y-1 Liberators. [:)]

Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (3/5/2013 10:46:27 PM)

6-23-43 to 6-26-43:

It's been awhile since I posted; part my being busy, but mostly Greyjoy has had alot of RL stuff, and the game has been virtually on hold. I think it's clearing, he has a big case or something like that, plus a death in the family.


We landed engineers at the Treasury Islands, and we are moving into position for a landing at Torokina. Transports are assembling for landings at Deboyne and Ferguson, to isolate the garrisons at Milne Bay, Port Moresby, and Buna.

Timor and Banda Seas:

The real action, though, is above Darwin. After the landing at Molu, a couple turns of action.

First, KB showed up and plastered a number of my ships; I described that above. The next day, IJN surface forces also sank 3 DDs, and some odds and ends transports I had. The next day, an IJN TF consisting of KINU and 8 old DDs tangled with 3 Fletchers off Selaroe; we lost a DD, but inflicted enough damage that KINU was sunk by DBs out of Bathurst the next day, along with an escorting DD. Another DD was sunk by sub off Kendari.

In the Air, Georges swept Molu the day it was operational, but RAAF Spits and USMC Corsairs handled them pretty well. I have plenty of Spits in the pool, so wouldn't mind an attrition war with those.

So, total bill over several days:

Allies: 3 CVE, CL Richmond, 5 DDs sunk, plus small transports (no APA)
IJN: KINU, 4 DDs lost. Plus, Japan has lost alot of aircraft, at least 300 or so

Overall, the USN took some losses, but nothing super-serious.

Next at Molu:

I think he is going to try to shut down Molu with BBs. Bombing it will likely be bloody, and futile, but I think the IJN is warming up.

I don't have surface units in position yet, but will in a couple turns. IN the meantime, I am mining the hex and leaving PTs. My main defense is the 2 USN Naval Eng Regts; with Eng ratings of 225 each, I should be able to quickly repair damage.

I can counter with 4 Old BBs at Darwin, plus cruisers. If KB loiters, I will have to stick to port, and he may do that, though that would free-up action elsewhere. so risky on his part.


Q-Ball -> RE: May Days (3/8/2013 2:41:59 AM)

6-27 and 6-28-43:

DEI: No major news, other than Molu is already close to lvl-3, and we have moved in an Air HQ. We are accelerating plans to land at Kai Islands, and I expect to do so within the month. Troops are prepping for after targets.

I still have 1000 AV 100% prepped for Samlauki. I am debating whether to continue with that landing, or bypass. What do you think?

PROS: Another linked base with Molu, and it can be built to lvl 4 port, lvl 8 a/b

CONS: Will spend time and energy to take it, and stranding 15,000 IJA troops there isn't a bad thing


We had a sharp action off Treasury Islands.

Greyjoy sent a TF of 10 DDs to attack unloading barges and transports at night. Trouble is, I had also sent 2 cruiser TFs to cover during the night phase. We lose GRAYSON, but sank 3 DDs, 1 of them in the day phase as it was finished off by DBs. That was goodl.

We are loading-up for landings at Deboyne Island, and Ferguson. I don't think Greyjoy can interfere; Kido Butai was just sighted approaching Palau, where he'll have to replenish the airgroups. No way he can get to the Solomons. We are using the lull to build two more bases, and edge closer to Finschafen.

The 2nd Australian Division will also march overland from Terapo to Wau.

I did go ahead and cancel a landing at Milne Bay. It's undeveloped, so the 5000 man garrison can rot there.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: May Days (3/8/2013 3:48:01 AM)


I still have 1000 AV 100% prepped for Samlauki. I am debating whether to continue with that landing, or bypass. What do you think?

Maybe later you could by-pass a base like this and keep moving forward. Right now, I want a stronger set of shoulders to rely upon. It will allow you to have a few mutually supportive bases and with an AF potential of 8, B-24s can range far and wide. [;)]

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