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Levsha -> see PBEM opponent (7/13/2012 7:41:10 PM)

Hi all!

I'm new in this game but would like to play with Human by PBEM. If someone have interest it please reply me here or send send message to PM or e-mail.

jackx -> RE: see PBEM opponent (8/28/2012 9:29:06 PM)

I've just re-installed the game, been a (long) while since I played any PBEM, but I'd be willing to have another go at it.

I'm basically open for anything, though not particularly fond of fire-capable cavalry (which is in some of the scenarios added in the patch), but it's not a deal-breaker.

Edit: If anyone other than the OP wants to have a go at me, you're of course free to do so as well.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: see PBEM opponent (8/29/2012 2:10:44 PM)

The idea of capable fire cavalry was to made this more usefull unit on not clear map. We both, that cavalry are able to fight not only by charging, but melee in forest and difficult terrain also. So, because game machine do not give ability to fight cavalry in that way, I decide to make them "firearms" as a equvalent of normal melee fight. What would you do with 5 cavalry unit on terrain with cornfields only?
You would charge anyway. In game you can't.

jackx -> RE: see PBEM opponent (8/31/2012 4:28:30 PM)

I know why it's there, and it makes sense, but it is exploitable, particularly as no matter how low the firepower $, a few horsemen skirmishing away seems to do comparable damage to full volleys from infantry units.

It's probably harder to (ab)use against a player than against the AI, but it's one of a few "broken" features (the ability to initiate "cold steel" and then do anything but attack the enemy with the movement points being another) that might just lead to a competitive game getting ugly.

That said, I'm up for a game of Asch or Habelschwerdt, just to see how fire-capable cavalry actually plays out PVP.
Habelschwerdt has one Austrian unit (IR 59 Daun) with 1/0 range in the 1.12a version though, and thus incapable of firing.

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