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K1ller -> Idiotic units AI? (7/12/2012 5:49:50 PM)

Hello, I have just bought the Cross of Iron as I am a fan of the original CC3. However I have a quite big problem with AI of my tanks. Three times now I saw that, after given order to fire, my tank started to rotate like an idiot, in one case, it even rotated so its whole SIDE was toward the enemy. I do not remember such an idiotic behaviour in the original game. I hope you agree that this makes the game totaly unplayable as in every close quarter battle my moronic tanks get wiped out because instead of shooting they rotate. Is there some way to prevent this?

philip wells -> RE: Idiotic units AI? (7/14/2012 1:24:59 AM)

Have you installed the updates? I think this problem has been fixed.

Steve McClaire -> RE: Idiotic units AI? (7/14/2012 6:03:41 PM)

I have not heard of a problem like that with tanks.  The update may address it, but could you describe the problem in more detail?  It happens every time you give a fire order to a tank?  Are there specific tanks it happens with most often?  Do you have any mods installed?

K1ller -> RE: Idiotic units AI? (8/1/2012 6:03:19 AM)

Hello, sorry for late answer. I have not tried any updates, I have thought, the purchased game is alreadt the latest version. Where can I change for updates?
Regarding tanks, so far I have seen it mostly with Pz IIIs and I am using Der Ost Front mod. Could it be because of the MOD?

US Brake -> RE: Idiotic units AI? (8/10/2012 4:04:52 AM)

The original game had that as a flaw. We called it "ass turning" as well as some more colorful language. They fix it somewhat with the update. Install the update and it should not be as bad with or without mods.

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