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matt.buttsworth -> repost transporting paratroops (7/9/2012 3:20:13 PM)

Could someone repost how to transport paratroops.
I know this has been done before but I am trying now and am having no luck.



Seminole -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (7/9/2012 4:01:02 PM)

That link includes a nice 'how to' and a save game for you to test.
Make sure your Li-2 air group isn't on night mission mode (required to supply partisans) or it won't be available for the air drop.
If you move a single Arb bde with a single Li-2 air group you can expect it to drop a low TOE (combat ineffective) force. Also, the Li-2 group will be heavily damaged and take a few weeks to recover.

matt.buttsworth -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (8/1/2012 1:12:36 PM)

Excuse me everyone.
I have read it somewhere but forgot.
What level of experience do Soviet airborne troops need to paratroop into hostile territory?

Urgent answer needed.

matt.buttsworth -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (8/1/2012 1:37:57 PM)

I have an airport brigade with experience 41 on an airbase with four good air transport units TBs and Lis. It is 29 hexes from the landing zone.
When I try to fly, it says cannot fly here, landing zone must be a friendly hex.
Why is this so?
I thought 41 experience would fly to any hex!


Seminole -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (8/1/2012 1:57:27 PM)

Sounds like you're trying to do an air transport mission (friendly air base to friendly air base) instead of an air drop (friendly air base to enemy hex)

Some changes have been made regarding air drops in patches as well:


4. Rule Change (Section 16.3.6) Airborne units may only be dropped within 8 hexes of a
supplied friendly unit. See the next item for the interface change that has been made for
airborne drops.
5. Interface Change (Section To airdrop a unit, now you must go to air transport
mode and then left click on the hex containing the airbase and airborne unit. Make sure
the airborne unit(s) you wish to drop are selected in the unit bar. Next, shift-left click on a
hex near the airfield. This will cause the pick air units mission window to be displayed.
Close this window and you will now see the hexes where you may conduct an airdrop lit
up, while those that are not possible will be displayed in. Shift-left click on the hex you
wish to drop the airborne unit and the pick air units mission window will appear. Due to
some issues with the interface, the only way to indicate the valid hexes to airdrop in is to
click on a valid hex. If you click on an invalid hex it will not bring up the air window nor
will it indicate the valid hexes. This is why we suggest you click somewhere near the
airbase. Whenever the air window appears, you can execute the air drop. It is important
that you select the airborne unit after you have entered air transport mode (previously the
airborne unit was supposed to be selected while still in movement mode).

matt.buttsworth -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (8/1/2012 2:38:48 PM)


I have read your informative post, but somehow even when following your advice exactly, I cannot avoid getting to the square saying this unit can land at a friendly base only, even when numerous aircraft are available at the landing site and I use only air transports to transport a brigade with experience of 41.
It is weird. I have done successful airdrops before but now I cannot make it happen.


cpt flam -> RE: repost transporting paratroops (8/2/2012 8:22:28 AM)

hi matt
i think tha your poblem come from the "distance"
you are limie to 8 hexes from friendly supplied unit
hpe it will help you

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