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0311USMC -> off topic temps (7/6/2012 3:34:37 AM)

Have gaming laptop back huge difference.
The time on rented laptop would default .05
I could speed it up to 1.3 sometimes..I thought this
was normal. 30 min battles taking over 2 hrs.
Now everything maxed out and game is truly gorgeous.
Even running at .03 speed things seem to fast but I probably
have to get used too since so slow before.

At rest my cpu temp at rest is 47-50 C. Gpu at rest is 47C.
Playing 3D view CPU is 64-67 C and GPU around 70C.

Does anyone else pay attention to temp are they ballpark OK?
Thank you Kindly!

wodin -> RE: off topic temps (7/6/2012 3:44:45 AM)

My old 4870 card used to run around 65 or so and I had the fan set at max. I now have a 6850 and it runs alot cooler, hitting around 50 max and idle around 33. Some cards run hotter than others. Laptop cards prob run hotter as it doesn't have the fans a desktop has. My CPU is overclocked I have a decent fan on it so runs idle around 36 and hot around 55 to 60.

As long as the laptop is cutting out or your getting graphical artifacts temps aren't a problem, though they do say high temps shorten the life of the tech be it CPU's or Graphic Cards.

Your temps are hot, but for a laptop maybe not so. I'd look for one of those laptop coolers they can sit on that have fans etc or made of cooling material. Also never place your laptop on a soft surface or on your lap and not on a tray as you can cover the vents.

redmarkus4 -> RE: off topic temps (7/6/2012 7:59:35 AM)

Never place your laptop on your lap :)

I agree with Wodin's advice, but it does say something about the tensions between design and marketing! It would make a great Dilbert strip.

The only thing better would be "Never place your desktop on your desk"!

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