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davidpballmh -> Error: can't load saved game 3@ (7/4/2012 8:22:59 PM)

I am in the middle of a PBEM game for BTR. It has always worked fine.

A couple of days ago, after I last sent out the game turn to my opponent, I started a second PBEM game with a new opponent. I am Luftwaffe in both games. The first player has sent me his next game turn and I get the above message. The new player has yet to send me his first turn.

If I load the EMAIL file for the previous game turn from my first opponent it still opens up fine - it is just the new one. I can still load my AI games fine.

Any ideas - is it his system or mine?



davidpballmh -> RE: Error: can't load saved game 3@ (7/6/2012 9:16:57 PM)

We did the obvious thing. As the bug is in the Save code I just got the Allied player to re-plan his day from my last end of day, and away you go.

harley -> RE: Error: can't load saved game 3@ (7/7/2012 1:27:16 PM)

sorry, Dave.

I have fixed this in the dev build, but it's not ready for beta test yet.

I am able to recover games for people when this happens, though.

RichSpeck -> RE: Error: can't load saved game 3@ (8/16/2012 2:11:19 AM)

I am doing the Aug 43 campaign against the AI and am up to the first week of Apr 44. I got this error on my last save (4/2). When I went back to the previous day(4/1) and redid the turn and saved to a different slot, I got the same error. I reloaded the save prior to the last good (3/31) redid this turn and saved in a 3rd different slot and now get the error in this slot. So, 3 different save slots are corrupted and my campaign is at a halt. Is there a fix for this or is my campaign screwed?

RichSpeck -> RE: Error: can't load saved game 3@ (8/17/2012 10:25:39 PM)

I have messed around with my Aug 43 campaign game and had to go back to my 3/30 turn save (save slot 8), losing my 3/31, 4/1, and 4/2 saves (save slots 1-3). The autosave slot for 4/2 also returned this error message. Is there a way to avoid this error? For example, does repeatedly saving over a game in a save slot increase the chance for an error? Is this error specific to a slot or to the actual game turn itself? Right now, I have started double saving my games in two different slots. I'll see how this works.

warshipbuilder -> RE: Error: can't load saved game 3@ (5/15/2013 1:36:03 AM)

Hey Harley,

The same thing just happened to me. The PBEM game in the 3 slot is a no go. Five days of mission planning down the tubes. If you have a way of getting it back for me I would truly appreciate it. Arrgh,I don't want to have to plan all those missions over again. HELP!!!!!

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