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Vic -> Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/4/2012 12:28:42 PM)

Hi all,

I looked over the Rocket Man list again and decided to tell which requests will be adressed,
In green you find the requests that have been implemented.
Some of the requests that have not been implemented have influenced other changes though.


his thread is a place to organize all the feature requests we would like to see in Decisive Campaigns. I have looked through the old threads and found as many feature requests I could that were already mentioned. If I have missed any or you have any additional suggestions, post them and I will update this thread with the suggestions. If possible, please include how you would change something, don’t just say something like “the supply overlay needs work.”

From RocketMan and others:
1) Include a way to highlight all units in a Division including its HQ. If a HQ is selected, highlight all sub-units and its parent HQ. Possibly include a way to only show the units in the chain of command, suppressing all other units, to make it easier to find them.

2) Add another tab after the “Unit Details” tab that says “Action Cards.” On that tab list all the Action Cards available to that unit and what HQ has them along with a button to play the card on that unit.

3) Add ability to click and drag the map.

4) Add an undo move button if the unit did not move into or reveal any enemy terrain and/or units. [From Borsook: optional, to be turned on/off in options]

5) If a unit is Strategic transferred the prior turn, decrease the cost for the next turn. They're already on the trains, it should cost less to move them the next turn.

6) Add function to cycle through all artillery units with any APs left.

7) Add ability to move a stack of units that are not a whole unit or even part of the same unit.

8) In the middle zoom mode with unit silhouettes, add text to show divisional number as is shown with the NATO symbols.

9) Deleted.

10) Add ability to change zoom levels when in movement mode, supply layer mode, air bombardment mode and strategic transfer mode.

11) During rail transfer, all hexes connected to a rail network are highlighted, even ones that cannot be reached if that part of the network was opened up that turn. Fix to only show rail hexes that can be used at the present time so you don't have to click around the map to figure out where you can strategic transfer to.

12) The all attack and list button should be grayed out if no units are available to attack/bombard/air strike. In fact, the attack , air strike and bombard buttons themselves should be grayed out if there are no units available to attack/bombard/air strike. This saves another click.

13) Remember which counter view (NATO/silhouette) was active when a game was saved.

14) Show VP’s on map.

15) Show highlighted movement range when a unit is clicked on instead of having to click the move button to show the range and then the cancel button to exit, saving two clicks.

16) Auto populate save name with scenario name and date.

17) Add ability to zoom map with mouse scroll wheel.

18) Reduce frequency of bridges accidentally being blown during air strikes and artillery barrages.

19) When two divisions have the same divisional number, for instance 1st Light Division and 1st Panzer Division, add LD or PD or something similar to distinguish them from each other. On the counters all it shows is 1st so you can't tell them apart without clicking on them.

20) The information on enemy unit strength listed on the map and on the "Unit Base Info" panel are different. They should be the same.

From hank:
21) When selecting a Corp or Army HQ, highlight Hexes where units under its command reside. I know the units have a color but when those units are buried under units from other Corp, its hard to find them all. Plus, the Corp colors need to be more visible in the middle zoom level. [This is Similar to #1]

22) Add the proper and historically accurate Regiment designations. (i.e., 29th Pz Regiment, 2nd SS Pz Regiment, etc.)

23) Add air interdiction restricting enemy movement of supplies and combat units.

24) In future scenarios involving amphibious landing and off shore assets (battleships, cruisers, etc.), include shore bombardment and model the risk of amphib landings.

25) Improve the Combat Resolution pop up to make the losses easier to understand; and in the Air and Arty strike resolution pop-up provide more damage (estimates) info for enemy (I'm referring to the first box, not the Details box)

26) Show graphics in the max zoom level for battle residue in hexes experiencing extreme bombardment and battle. (possibly an overlay on the hex indicating major cratering, rubble, etc.)

27) In the supply overlay, include highlighting of rail and major roads (especially rail). I know you can see this highlight in the strategic transfer map but supply via rail is critical.

28) Add bridging engineers who can build pontoon bridges. (engineers currently can only repair bridges)

29) Add independent recon units; small pure recon companies reporting the Corp HQs.

From Borsook:
30) Allow using air recon the same as bombing i.e. choose target hex and then choose air unit from the list. [Editorial comment by RocktMan: This is a great suggestion because right now it is too hard to hunt down your air units and then refind the hex you were wanting to recon. This method uses the "verb-noun" functionality I described in the action card thread.]

From RocketMan:
31) When selecting an attack, the number of stack points along with the number of stack points for no penalties are listed along with whatever percentage increases are available (for instance "Stack: 195/100. Concentric +10%"). The computer should do the math instead of the player having to do it and show the actual number both with and without bonuses (for instance "Stack: 195/100(110). Concentric +10%" or perhaps without the nominal value at all like "Stack: 195/110. Concentric +10%").

32) Clicking on the boxes (or just hovering the mouse over the boxes or perhaps right clicking) in the "Stats" tab graphs should show the actual number of that data point.

33) In the information windows (i.e. "Prelude", "Terrain", Officer and unit info pop-ups, etc.) the up/down arrow jumps the text to the top/bottom instead of scrolling the text as it should.

From Ctaardvark:
34) One thing that might be nice is some sort of overlay which you can draw on, so that you can lay out a strategic plan (arrows pointing at targets, planned defensive lines etc). [Editorial comment from RocketMan: This one would be hard to implement I'm sure, but would be an interesting feature.]

From RocketMan:
35) Add an option to display a HQs command radius. Used in conjunction with #1 (Highlight or only display all the units assigned to a selected HQ), this would allow a player to easily see if all a HQs units are within its command range.

From Borsook:
36) Add supply button for units not only HQs - if you want to see how a unit gets its supply now you need to find the HQ first, which may make you lose sight of the unit in question. Edit: From willgamer - Show the entire supply trace, with all its zigzags to/from HQs in its chain of command all the way to the primary supply source.

From hank:
37) When you click on a units HQ (text at the left of the control panel, below the Div. Name) ... in addition to selecting the hex, bring the HQ counter to the top of the stack.

38) Add a button to bring all HQ counters to the top of all stacks.

From fluffy...errrr...I mean Juggalo:
39) Add an OOB editor.

From RocketMan:
40) When moving a stack of units, don't default to have the stack show the artillery unit as the top unit in the stack. Default it to show an armor unit if it is in the stack or an infantry unit.

41) When cycling through units with the < and > buttons, don't include units that have strategic transferred this turn. The way it works now, they are included even though they don't have any action points left. Also don't cycle through "frozen" units. Also when cycling through units, bring the selected unit to the top of the stack.

42) Add a hotkey to step forward and back through replay.

43) In the unit information panel at the bottom of the screen, instead of having to click the retreat percentage (RETR) and the supply percentage (SUPL) boxes to change them, list all the percentages values available on screen (e.g. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% for retreat percentage) and let the player directly select which one he wants instead of having to cycle through them by clicking on them. You could either have a check box by the numbers, outline the selected number with a box or bold the selected number. This would save quite a few clicks.

44) On the OOB tab, the individual units are listed below their HQ. However, if there is more an one unit in a formation (which is most of them, excluding engineers and Corp Artillery), the units are stacked in the OOB view, with the divisional artillery being the unit on the top of the stack. Double clicking on the stack will take you to one of the units in the formation on the map, but you can't get to the others that way. What would be nice is for either 1) Clicking on the stack in the OOB tab cycling through the units in the formation on the map, or 2) Clicking on the stack in the OOB tab expanding the formation just as is done with the HQs and then being able to double click on the units directly in the OOB tab.

From Borsook:
45) Unit compare list should have categories for easier founding things, usually you want e.g. to compare your air unit to other air units, not anything else.

From hank:
46) When building a air strike you get a list box to add and remove units for the attack.
You don't get one for Artillery or attack. You have to click ALL, then remove the units you don't want included. I think for consistency and efficiency the same type of list box would be helpful for all three types of attack.

47) Add a similar color band to the max zoom unit counter (the one that's green yellow orange and red along the left edge or counter) that's similar to the mid zoom view counter. For me, this is a good overall indicator of strength.

48) If there is such a calculation, Add somewhere on the interface a unit's overall Attack and Defense strengths. It could be in the unit info (lower left) or on the max zoom counter; I know there is a strength number on the max zoom but that's an overall number. Maybe this number is all others need and if so just nix this suggestion. But I've seen separate attack/defense numbers in many hex games to help gauge which units are at strength and which units have higher proficiencies at defense or attack.

From RocketMan:
49) The chance of a HQ receiving an action card each turn should vary according to the leaders combat modifier (the percentage number below their portrait). Set a minimum value, like 3 or 4%, no matter what the leaders combat modifier is, and then make the percentage chance of receiving an action card equal to the greater of .2 times the leaders combat modifier or the minimum value. For instance, a leader with a combat modifier of 5% would have a 5%x.2=1% chance of receiving an action card per turn based on their combat modifier which is lower than the minimum, so their actual chance would be the minimum of 3 or 4%. A leader with a 77% combat modifier would have a 77%x.2=15.4% chance of receiving an action card per turn. For reference, the current percentage chance of receiving an action card is set to 10%/turn for every HQ. This minimum value could be retained at 10%, but in my opinion that is too high for HQs with a low combat value.

From willgamer:
50) Add ability to hide the interface so more of the map can be seen.

From RocketMan:
51) Currently the colored boxes in the bottom right of the counters only show three levels of supply:
Green: 0-99 APs
Yellow: 100-199 APs
Red: 200 or more APs

There really should be a color for each level of supply. I would recommend the following changes:

Green: 0-99 APs (or perhaps dark green)
Blue: 100-149 Aps (or perhaps light green)
Yellow: 150-199 APs
Orange: 200-249 APs
Red: 250 or more APs (out of supply)

From willgamer:
52) A tab that lists all units on one line each with their stats, preferably sortable by clicking on the column header to make finding units to play moral/readiness action cards on easier. Filters would be a plus.

From Keunert:
53) Action cards could do with more infos: what units benefit, when and how long (as an example the morale boost card).

54) Would be great to have the interface vertical on the side to have more map displayed. [From RocketMan - I pointed this out in another thread as well, but can't remember which one]

55) When the Polish Rommel (or any other leader for that matter) uses the no step back order, allow his units to fire artillery and to conduct attacks and blow bridges.

Vic, these are only suggestions and some are obviously more difficult to implement than others and some are more desirable than others. I hope this list helps to improve an already great game.

Would like to thank Rocketman again for keeping this list! it has been a help.
I realise not all points have been adressed.
Some i simply disagree with, some i did not have the time for to complete and some others you will soon be able to adress yourselves when the editor is included.


jnpoint -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/6/2012 9:15:07 PM)

I can hardly read the green text.

PirateJock -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/13/2012 12:53:10 PM)

Any timelines on the patch?


Vic -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/13/2012 2:13:07 PM)

Yeah i hope to have a private beta patch before the end of the month. So i would say August should be a strong possibility for a public beta patch. As always a disclaimer: its hard to guarantee deadlines in this business.

Vic -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/13/2012 2:15:34 PM)


ORIGINAL: jnpoint

I can hardly read the green text.

good point actually. i changed it to darker green :)

PirateJock -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/13/2012 2:47:31 PM)


Yeah i hope to have a private beta patch before the end of the month. So i would say August should be a strong possibility for a public beta patch. As always a disclaimer: its hard to guarantee deadlines in this business

Great and thanks. For business read life [;)]


Zaratoughda -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/14/2012 6:03:35 PM)

I guess that I was hoping for a Norweigan scenario in this latest release, and maybe the Danish campaign, and breaking down the Polish campaign into 2-3 smaller scenarios, but I guess you can't have everything and if there is an editor included, then I guess we can get all these from scenario designers, if they are so desposed.


Alikchi -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/15/2012 6:02:33 PM)

Excellent! Thank you for continuing work on this game.

DeriKuk -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/17/2012 5:07:45 AM)

In the meanwhile I'll just have to play that awful Case Blue. [;)]

Thanks, Vic.

alex0809 -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/17/2012 9:07:14 PM)

I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to improve this game even after Case Blue is out...

DeriKuk -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/18/2012 9:31:39 PM)

I must say here that  -  judging from dabbling with Case Blue  - that the AI is a lot smarter and "nastier" . . . almost rational.

Heel leuk, Vic.  [8D]

Emx77 -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/18/2012 10:42:36 PM)

I'm eager to buy DC: Case Blue, but first I have to wait to see if the next patch will solve lag issue which I and some other players are having with DC: WtP. Without solving lag issue, DC:CB will be no buy for me. Unfortunately. [:(]

Vic -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/20/2012 10:00:05 AM)


I already send a beta patch for DC1 to Matrix. So maybe next week it will get posted for users. (no promises)
Please try it out when it becomes available and let me know if it improves the speed for you.


PirateJock -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/20/2012 10:16:55 AM)

Superb [:D] ... but then the tough decision of which game to play! Have you been getting much sleep recently Vic?


jnpoint -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/20/2012 8:37:37 PM)

Do you make these changes for Case Blue too?

Vic -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/23/2012 9:24:56 AM)


ORIGINAL: jnpoint

Do you make these changes for Case Blue too?

yes i made them for Case Blue, and Warsaw To Paris profits as well by getting them a little bit later as well.

One of the advantages of making a 'series' is that older games get updates they would otherwise probably not get due to time constrictions of the designer.


PirateJock -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/23/2012 11:05:25 AM)

This must be one of those Win - Win situations that people talk about [;)]


Fastheinz -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/26/2012 12:22:04 AM)

Great work, again, Vic!

Alikchi -> RE: Improvements coming up with next big patch (7/26/2012 7:01:00 PM)

Will the editor be an OOB editor only or will we be able to make new maps/scenarios as well?

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