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kagee -> Saved Games Won't Load (7/3/2012 11:51:05 PM)

From the Main Menu choosing Load Game, I receive a dialog box that reads Error ... (see attchment). Please advise.

ericbabe -> RE: Saved Games Won't Load (7/4/2012 3:40:01 PM)

That's the generic file error message, so it could mean any number of things are wrong. Are you able to reproduce this problem with other save files? It may be that somehow that file was corrupted.

kagee -> RE: Saved Games Won't Load (7/4/2012 7:21:25 PM)

Thank you Ericbabe. It did this with all saved files. Uninstalled, reinstalled game and required files and now saves are loading. Now that I am beyond this problem, being a newbie I am playing the Partisan Tutorial with the on-screen tutorial visible. When I save the tutorial, then re-load it, the on screen tutorial is gone (no longer visible). Is there anyway to continue the tutorial with the on-screen assist?

ericbabe -> RE: Saved Games Won't Load (7/5/2012 4:57:57 PM)

I'm glad to hear you got the save files working.

I don't believe that the tutorial information is saved when you save the game, so unfortunately I don't believe there is a way to save and resume in the middle of a tutorial in such a way that preserves your location in the tutorial itself.

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