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noelsacid -> chit visual settings? (6/30/2012 9:15:33 PM)

Hiall, I just bought the game and im really enjoying it. A question/suggestion for the dev if I may...

Would you ever consider adding a "simplified chit" visual settings to make units easier to tell apart? I play top down, bloom off, chit view on a large screen, but I still have to use the hover to identify units in a large game, as the chit designs just aren't very clear.

My suggestions for an optional "simplified chit" visual setting would be to remove all those stats (which are visually very distracting, and which are easily accessible on hover anyway) and to replace the coloured graphic with a larger black silhouette or some other easy-to-determine icon. The direction indicator would obviously stay.

Im interested about what people (especially dev) would think about this suggestion. I imagine that many people who have bought this are fans of the boardgame, and maybe like the way the game emulates that. But I'm just a humble gamer, and think that with graphics, less is usually more. All I need to know is basically what the unit is, and which direction it is facing. Is there any hope of implementing something like this? Or have I missed something obvious?

(Ideally i would like the freedom to put my own custom graphics on the chit, but appreciate that artwork in this game is not easily moddable)


noelsacid -> RE: chit visual settings? (7/1/2012 1:29:51 PM)

hi just saw the wishlist thread. sorry and please feel free to delete this one!

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