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PUBAR -> Landing at an enemy port. (6/28/2012 11:14:03 AM)

I am playing a campaign game of Warsaw to Paris. Operation Seelowe has just started: on "S" day the port of Folkestone was captured.(undefended). On S DAY & S+1 & S+2 I have had to pay the penalty under rule 17.6.8. "IF NOT LANDING AT A FRIENDLY PORT YOUR TROOPS GET 50% PENALTY IN ACTION POINTS AND READINESS"
What I don't understand is, why I have to pay the penalty on S+1 & S+2? I can find nothing that indicates a time scale for when the port becomes friendly, or if you have fought for it, any delay that ensues due to battle. I am assuming that if you have forces in it, then you control it, any forces landing should not have to pay any penalty???
Would somebody please help me with this, as Berlin is asking me what the hold up is!!!!!

Vic -> RE: Landing at an enemy port. (6/29/2012 10:39:27 AM)

Basically no troops does not mean no hassle. Its an enemy port without friendly personnel and the highly improvised German barge fleet will still have a lot of trouble disembarking and organising and taking over the hex as well.


PUBAR -> RE: Landing at an enemy port. (6/29/2012 11:17:54 AM)

Many thanks for explanation, Berlin now understands!!!
Kind Regards

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