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tankboy -> Non-reacting Air Combat TF (6/26/2012 10:40:46 PM)

Help! I have an Air Combat TF in Suva that I don't want to react to Japanese carriers. I want them to sit in Suva under a huge LRCAP umbrella and add their organic CAP. Can I:

1. Make them some sort of other TF? The rules are unclear on this.

2. Make them "follow" my bombardment TF which is based in Suva and plastering Nandi?

3. Turn their react to zero?

4. I don't want to turn them on to retreat as they will leave Suva. Maybe if I make Suva their base they will retreat back to it?

Need some help as my Japanese opponent is circling with the KB. I am willing to take a pounding but only if I cover my Air and Bombardment TF with all 250+ fighters available.

tocaff -> RE: Non-reacting Air Combat TF (6/27/2012 1:08:09 AM)

Sitting in a landsided hex will reduce air ops by 50%.

Set react to 0 and use a TF CO who is not aggressive. This still won't be an ironclad, foolproof thing.

Setting an Air Ops TF to follow a Surface Combat TF is OK, but remember to use a CO of the SATF who is not aggressive.

Setting the base you would want them to run to is a good idea.

Then you just hope that all of your TFs stay together (set to follow) to lend mutual support.

kevin_hx -> RE: Non-reacting Air Combat TF (6/28/2012 3:09:05 AM)

How does the air combat TF change to convoy TF that cannot react to KB?
I remember that it can do in WITP, but it cannot in AE...

kmitahj -> RE: Non-reacting Air Combat TF (7/9/2012 5:42:36 PM)

Yes, there is possibility to change from 'AirCombat' to say 'Escort' mission. Air ops are working - as far as I can say - the same but the "react to enemy carriers" feature is off.
But it is even more then that - setting your Carriers to 'Escort' not only disables your reaction but it also switch off ability of enemy carries to react to you! It is so because 'react to enemy carriers' feature was designed to work only between two AirCombat TFs. As usual it is a matter of taste and preferences but - taking into account that it ifluences behaviour of not only my own but also enemy carrier TFs - I would tend to say such trick is a bit too gamey. Having set that I have to admit I used my carriers in Escort mission TFs in the past - when I didn't yet know the above. Also I did it only temporarily to avoid problems with AirCombat TF routing in tight waters close to coast hexes. Without such temporary switch to Escort mission my carriers in DEI were often forced to take detours and been separated from other TFs they tried to follow and cover.

Besides such tricky way to avoid carrier-to-carrier reaction there is at least one more way. There is per-TF flag which when set disables AirComabt TF reaction. However problem is that it (the flag) is visible nowhere in user interface. Still it can be manipulated indirectly by changing AC-TF reaction range. Every time you increase AC-TF reaction range the flag is switched off (reaction to carriers is ON) and when you decrease AC-TF reaction range to zero the flag is set ON thus switching off react-to-carriers for that AirCombat TF.
Now one can wonder that taking into account that overwhelming most of AirCombat TFs operate with reaction range set to zero reaction-to-carriers should be almost unseen but it is not quite the case. Apparently it is because when new Aircombat TF is created the flag is by default set to zero (meaning react is ON) independently to reaction range setting. Also when TF is switched from other mission to AirCombat it inherits the value of the flag which would usually be zero again.
So to make sure you get the flag set I would advice to use reaction range buttons on the TaskForce panel and here manually first increase then reduce to zero reaction range value which has the indirect effect of setting ON the flag thus switching off the react-to-carriers feature. (If after making sure you did the above you still see your carriers reacting to enemy carriers please let me know - i'd love to take a deeper look in such a case if it exists)

As a sidenote it is worth to mention there are actually two separate cases of carrier reaction. The one discused above happens in one of AirOp phases (just after air search ops) and can be recognized by "carrier TF XX reacting to enemy carriers (YY)" message. Second case can be triggered in the Naval Reaction Phase (same where surface TFs have a chance to react to enemy TFs) and can be identified by message "CARRIER PATROL TF XX ~ reacting to TF YY". Only the second case can be disabled by setting AirCombat TF to follow another TF (also the second case apply - as message suggests - only to AC-TF on Patrol/do-not-retire setting).

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