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Woof Woof ! -> Russian Para's (6/26/2012 3:23:21 PM)

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, April '42 I've got russian para brigades on "airfield" hexes, para's have necessary experience and airfield has transports with reqired load levels but each time I attempt to perform a drop I get the "must be transported to a friendly hex" message.

Also whilst I've succesfully converted some para brigades into Guards Units when I try to convert 3 normal rifle brigades into a division (despite passing the reqired timeline) the command is ignored.

Any help appreciated.

gingerbread -> RE: Russian Para's (6/26/2012 4:01:01 PM)

The "must be transported to a friendly hex" message is a tell for that you are right-clicking (used for supply/fuel drop) but air drop of troops is done with Shift-Left click.

Also, check that your transports are in daylight mode (Night missions: NO). It also takes a while/CPU cycles for the mission window to open after you have Shift-Left clicked, so wait at least 2 seconds.

Tricky procedure that is best learnt in a sandbox mode game.

Brigades to Division cannot be made with Naval Infantry (but Naval Rifle is OK). Also, the code says 4/42 as earliest date.

Walloc -> RE: Russian Para's (6/26/2012 4:06:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: gingerbread

Brigades to Division cannot be made with Naval Infantry (but Naval Rifle is OK). Also, the code says 4/42 as earliest date.

Its not until May 42(5/42) its possible to make divs out of bde's.

To the OP note that when u combine para bde's at this point u get regular guard divs. If u want guard para divs the date is 1/43.
The point being that the first option is limited in numbers by a cap per date, where as 2nd option isnt capped.

Kind regards,


gingerbread -> RE: Russian Para's (6/26/2012 4:47:33 PM)

Oops, thanks for noticing my mistake.

Woof Woof ! -> RE: Russian Para's (6/27/2012 6:50:15 AM)

Thanks [:)] I had no idea about the "shift and left click" to perform a para drop.

As for brigades to division my online manual says


Rifle Division (22 June 41): Two or more rifle brigades can buildup into a rifle division. Note
that Soviet rifle divisions may not breakdown into brigades. Naval brigades cannot buildup into
divisions. See below for buildup of airborne brigades.

Cavalry Corps (December 41): Three cavalry divisions can buildup into a cavalry corps. A
cavalry corps can be broken down into three cavalry divisions.

Tank Corps (April 42): Three tank brigades can buildup into a tank corps. A tank corps may be
broken down into three tank brigades (designated 1/2/3), but may only be built up again if all
three are in the same hex (

Have these rules been changed ?

cpt flam -> RE: Russian Para's (6/27/2012 9:22:48 AM)

yes as alledy said
it's now may 42

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