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shrek -> APOS 001 critical error file (6/25/2012 4:07:38 AM)

Tried to post this at the Graviteam forum for Andrey to peruse but couldn't activate an account (never received the user activation E-mail. And yes, I did look at the spam folder[;)])

This is version 580, Gamersgate version, no DLCs installed.

So here it is, hope someone from Graviteam drops in here, or else maybe the good folks at Matrix can forward it on:


Dima12345 -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (6/26/2012 8:49:28 PM)

Last patch adds some visual effects, so looks like it is low compatible with low end video cards. Did you set all graphics settings to low? Or can you click autodetect button?

shrek -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (6/27/2012 2:50:07 AM)

My videocard is AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3.

The program will autoselect to "high quality" graphics, which is way too slow. I changed it to "balanced" and can get 20-25 FPS on average. Frame rate has not really been a problem for me, even with version 580.

Dima12345 -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (7/6/2012 9:24:56 PM)

We working on this problem, but for now we have only advise from the Russian community to _ENABLE_ the setting 2.15 to avoid CE001.

shrek -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (7/7/2012 3:51:49 AM)

Thanks for the response Dima, I also saw this over at the Graviteam forum.

OK, so far I've played both 1 quick battle and a battle from an operation that had crashed on me 4x before, but this time I was able to get thru both with no crashes! [8D]

Thanks again for diagnosing this, now I will seriously consider purchasing the new DLC.

budd -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (7/7/2012 5:36:31 AM)

Well i got thru a battle using 580 and all addons and updates, Hurrah. I'm trying not to get to excited until i play more. This is what i have, is this the right order or does it matter.


Dane49 -> RE: APOS 001 critical error file (7/7/2012 7:29:33 AM)

This is the order I have(order is important,from what I understand) and I haven't experienced any 001 error problems.I installed the 5.80 engine 1st,than the June patch(line 5),then the district update 2nd(line 4),then the add-ons and the JMass mod last.You may have to uninstall then reinstall the add-ons,because I believe they were updated for the new 5.80 engine,so they may not work for you if you have the older version add-ons.But,if you aren't having any problems,then I would leave it as is.I own the Fall Blau DLC,but I never reinstalled after last 5.80 update(Don't really enjoy that one,map is too barren)I might install it later after august patch,since the August patch is suppose to be able to let you choose a higer grass setting.Not exactly sure what that means(waist high weeds,grain fields or knee high grass?!)


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