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OnTheContrary -> Feature suggestion - unlimited undo/turn save (6/24/2012 9:30:44 AM)

The title pretty much says it all. I have nearly completed the entire Soviet campaign, with three brilliant victories which allowed me to gain some ~700 prestige and unlock all the scenarios. I was playing the very last one (Dneper/Donbas I believe) and I nearly achieved a brilliant victory, but didn't make it. Nevermind, I told myself, decisive is guaranteed to be in my pocket. Then the weather screwed me over which, coupled with a few bad moves I made on turn 7 effectively guaranteed that I could not finish the scenario even in the 10 turns allocated. There were almost no enemy units on the field left, but I simply couldn't make it in time to clear the objective in the middle of the map, because I was out-of-supplied.

This now means that I can replay the whole scenario again. I appreciate the lethal AI that is very good at exploiting every small mistake the player makes, but when you're forced to spend an hour again just because you made a bad call in the end game, things get frustrating real fast. The single-step undo is entirely useless for this, and with no in-scenario save capability, I am left to wonder what the reasoning behind this design is - forcing the player to replay the entire scenario doesn't really serve any useful purpose, and only makes one feel frustrated and inadequate.

I think it would help this game (or myself anyway [:D] ) tremendously if we could either (i) get unlimited undo, or (ii) get the option to save game progress in a scenario.

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