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BeernPretzels -> Beer And Pretzels!?? (6/21/2012 8:45:13 PM)

Beer and Pretzels? BEER AND PRETZELS? Not only is that a somewhat queer combination, it's also a combination that I've yet to experiment with.
I'm getting sick and tired of seeing this "Beer and Pretzels" moniker applied to anything that's regarded as a 'game' rather than a 'verisimulation'.

There's an incredible elitist divide between the 'grognards' and the 'casuals' (or should that be 'the people with absolutely no life to speak of' versus the people with 'a little bit more life to speak of'?) The fact of the matter is, that more people deride games such as Panzer Corps and even Combat Mission as opposed to TOAW and WitE. It's the digital equivelent of comparing ASL to Combat Commander and/or Conflict of Heroes.

"But...BUT PANZER CORPS IS JUST A PUZZLE GAME!!!111LOL1111SHIFT+1" Here's some news for ya "buddy", absolutely every "war game" ever concieved is a "puzzle game" and that includes Chess.

What I'm saying is just stop it with the "Beer and Pretzels" argument, if you can't enjoy a beer and a pretzel or two over a wargame then it's less of a game and more of a "vocation"

altipueri -> RE: Beer And Pretzels!?? (6/26/2012 5:33:06 PM)

I'm more of a port drinker but it is very sticky if you spill it on the keyboard.

I think the distinction should be between those you can play with a drink in one hand and those where you have to put the drink down to make a keyboard entry.

SPWAW is troublesome here because many a time I've allowed my guys to be shot rather than return fire as I can't be bothered to press "y"

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