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davidss -> AI on the move (6/19/2012 12:34:49 AM)

here are some results of editing several base files to try and improve the AI in Ground Tactics version 5
Attached are several screenshots showing a German BG controlled by computer AI. The first shows the initial deployment, the second shows the AI's progress in stock TLD after 12 minutes, and the third shows progress with the GT5 mod (also after 12 minutes).
Test has no player activity (Allied teams left inactive at opposite side of map).

note: The AI will take VL's and try and conquer the map


davidss -> RE: AI on the move (6/19/2012 12:35:54 AM)

Stock TLD


davidss -> RE: AI on the move (6/19/2012 12:36:35 AM)

Ground Tactics 5


davidss -> RE: AI on the move (6/19/2012 12:48:09 AM)

you can try GT5 here:

-AI generally more active regarding movement
-Rare teams not available after a certain date will remain available in Active Roster/Force Pool (this prevents these teams from seeming to disappear)
-Force Pools more editing
-Battle Groups more editing
-Objective Caen editing: two static German BG's (with limited resources) act to slow the Allied advance and possibly disrupt supply. Also, 642 Ost 716 (at Pegasus Bridge) battles from a position of either Colombelles or Benouville dependant on whether or not the Allies capture the Pegasus Bridge VL during the previous battle at Benouville.
-Battle Groups recycle (return next day)
-Tall Grass and Crops elements are more similar to Grass. This helps prevent the AI from deploying and remaining in these open areas
-Chance of immobilization by trees greatly reduced (helps AI vehicles from becoming immobilized due to poor routes through trees)

TLD Ground Tactics mod ver5
Compatible with: TLD version v5.50.14b or higher

-"ModSwap" version works with GameRanger

Note: The "Objective Caen" campaign is the main focus of this mod. This campaign features smaller company sized Battle Groups combined with Reinforcement ability ... and is located (in game) in the "Campaign" tab of the "Command" screen.

Summary of changes related to game play:
-Soldier movement enhanced by making it easier to move through doors and windows ... possibly resulting in more realistic behavior. note: this is not the "real walls" method, where soldiers could not move through wall elements.
-Soldiers can not move through bunker walls
-Soldiers can't fire through interior walls unless they are adjacent (right beside), for possibly better close combat effect
-Battle Groups recycle (return next day)
-Retreat is enabled. In order to use the Retreat feature ...
"when force morale gets too low" needs to be activated (checked,in game)
-No night turns after June 6
-Large Hedgerow and Bocage elements ... vehicles can not enter this terrain, but Guns can deploy within
-Mortars have minimum firing ranges ... won't fire until beyond a certain range
example: Medium Mortars 200m
-Reinforce activated for Objective Caen campaign
-Recommend playing only the Objective Caen campaign ... and the other sectors as separate campaigns.
Full campaign (The Longerst Day) will have mismatched BG force pools, due to changes for Objective Caen campaign (but is still playable).

davidss -> RE: AI on the move (6/20/2012 7:46:51 AM)

AI stuff
A combination of changes made to the SAI team types assigned to teams.
New assignments in GT5 are:
1.All Tanks and Tank Destroyers changed to HT (10). Command vehicles and other vehicles unedited
2.All Command Infantry, MG's, FT's changed to Assault (3)
3.All other Infantry teams including Engineers changed to Recon (2)
4.Recon, AT Infantry, Sniper, Mortar, ATG, IG unedited

Aggression and Caution values were edited in the bgroups file ... and changes to battle plans in the Campaign.txt

Elements High Grass and Crops more like grass, so that AI teams moved out of these elements more quickly, instead of camping.

And, of course the human player should select Elite and the AI get Recruit or Green

Hargrem -> RE: AI on the move (11/22/2012 10:54:03 PM)

Thanks for this - definite improvement.

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