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TAIL_GUNNER -> editing AlsTeams (6/18/2012 7:39:18 PM)

Can't figure out why this isn't working...

For example in AlsTeams I try to edit a 30. cal. MMG squad like so under Soldier List fields:

0 Garand Grenade
1 Carbine
2 Carbine
3 Carbine
4 Carbine Grenade
5 30. cal. MMG
6 Pistol

Then assign them under Soldier Type fields as thus:

0 Leader
1 Soldier
2 Soldier
3 Soldier
4 Soldier
5 Crew
6 Crew

But it comes out like this in the game:
(The 30. cal. is set as a crewed weapon in Soldiers.txt)

What I'm trying to simulate is that all the guys with the Carbines were just ammo schleppers...not really part of the MMG crew that should be "Assisting" during the game.

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