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John 3rd -> With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 6:00:48 PM)

Life and turns are pretty slow for the summer so I have decided to start a new campaign against Viperpol. I know very little about him and his style of play so this should be highly interesting!

For this game I intend to DEFECT and play the easy side: THE ALLIES! My beats beats for Dai Nippon but my job here is to demonstrate how Reluctant Admiral is not just for JFB. One can expect the unexpected in this match.

Am leaving the Thread open for Viperpol to comment upon...

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 7:54:28 PM)

OK. Viberpol (Spelled correctly now) has elected to not place a Post here so it is now closed to any form of superior taunting and/or peeking by my Japanese opponent.

khyberbill -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 8:04:43 PM)

Can anyone else taunt?

Cribtop -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 8:26:30 PM)

Banzai! Err, good luck.

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 8:28:52 PM)


ORIGINAL: khyberbill

Can anyone else taunt?

Can certainly do that!

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 8:29:48 PM)



Banzai! Err, good luck.

It does get confusing doesn't it?

DOCUP -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 10:19:59 PM)

Oh goody.  This is going to be fun.  Can I reserve me a seat in the front row. [:D]

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/18/2012 11:39:42 PM)

Have got to get ready for work but will simply say that my aggressive style of play will continue onto the Allied Side. Unlike Japan---I have an ENDLESS supply of ships, planes, and troops. Every plane and ship within the DEI is considered to be expendable. The Allies will seek to bleed Japan at every step and, when possible, deliver a bloody nose.

Guarantee this: CV Enterprise shall speed west to save the Marine F4Fs and then head SW to smack shipping at Truk. CV Lexington, which starts RA near Pago Pago covering a reinforcement convoy, will move towards Luganville and move to rendezvous with Enterprise.

BBfanboy -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 12:58:21 AM)

I know from your postings in other AARs that you are one of the most knowledgeable players/modders and I have been hoping you would start one of your own. Will be following this one - an early strike on Truk: great theatre! [sm=00000613.gif]

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 5:53:00 AM)

This should be fun. We are having some issues getting Turn One going due to Viberpol accidentally leaving SS Ops on Automatic and Realistic R&D ON. OOOPPS!

I shall await Turn One to see if clobbers PH with all six CVs or splits them. RA allows for the KB to be split into two Warp Speed TF. Usually I drop four into PH and two hit Manila. His choice will tell me something about his game immediately.

CRations -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 4:50:23 PM)

Hi John,

Can I ask what you settled on for house rules?

I look forward to watching the battle. Do you know if Viberpol plans a complimentary AAR?



Squamry -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 6:26:53 PM)

Looking forward to this.

seille -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 6:52:28 PM)

Even you play the allies....Good luck John [:)]

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 7:13:55 PM)

We're finishing up the HR right now. He likes less then more and I tend to like HR so it has been a bit of give-and-take. Viberpol also wants to run the Turn One as is without doing a new to correct the issues so I guess we'll get started. Having Realistic R&D I think is TERRIBLE for Japan but he wants to roll with it...

Dan Nichols -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 8:33:55 PM)

Realistic R&D on is not bad. It isn't Historic R&D, just means he can not move R&D factories to production and visa versa.

John 3rd -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 8:47:43 PM)

I just issued my orders for Turn One. Nothing exciting.

Set some air units to rest so morale can begin climbing. Ordered most Fleet TF in DEI to Soerabaja. Enterprise to close on Wake. Lexington to Luganville.

We'll see how his moves declare intentions on Dec 7th...

DivePac88 -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 10:38:02 PM)

Good luck John, glad you got another game going, give him hell. [sm=00000612.gif]

Kitakami -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/19/2012 11:26:02 PM)

Subscribed! It will be interesting to see what the other side is capable of! :)

denisonh -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/20/2012 2:19:29 AM)

Subscribed. Look forward to seeing your approach to a strategic problem of your own construction from the other side of the fence......

FatR -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/20/2012 1:44:59 PM)

Interesting. Will follow this AAR too when time allows.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/20/2012 3:36:19 PM)

John "should" do well here. No economy to run. [sm=00000289.gif][sm=00000289.gif]

John 3rd -> Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 5:08:00 PM)

Combat Report
Turn ONE
Dec 7, 1941

Turn one is in the books and it is a fairly reasonable turn by Allied standards. If I was the Japanese player I would be happy and somewhat mad at the same time.

OK. Here we go folks:

Pearl Harbor
Viberpol tells me a lot when he lands the HAYMAKER at Pearl. All SIX CVs of the KB participate in the attack. The Strike Force numbers 103 Zero, 141 Val, 145 kate. Just nine of my Fighters get caught up in the attack. The frightening part is that FOUR Daitai of Kates delivered Torps: CRAP!


SUNK--Oklahoma (5 Bombs--3 TT) and West Virginia (6 B--5 TT)
Heavy Dam: Arizona (7 B--4 TT), Nevada (5 B--5 TT), California (4 B--4 TT)
On Fire/Heavy Fires: Pennsylvania--On Fire (4 Bombs--5 TT), Tennessee (9 B--3 TT), California (4 B--4 TT)

Why can't I get results like this? Oh...that is easy. I only use 4 CVs at PH for any attack. Got it. NASTY attack on the Battleline!

I usually weigh the true success of the PH Attack not by BBs sunk but by how I do against the more valuable ships--the Cruisers. With all six CVs attacking, he does well here also:

SUNK: CL Raleigh (3 TT)
Damaged: CAs New Orleans (2 B--1 TT) and San Francisco (1 B) and CLs Detroit (1 TT), Helena (1 TT), and Phoenix (1 B)

Hate losing Raleigh as she and her sisters shall be immediately recalled to be converted into CLAA. We'll have to see how damaged the other are and see if I am way short on CA--CL for the CV Escorts.

Aux Shipping:
SUNK: 3 PT, an AVP, DD Conyngham
Damaged: CM Oglala (! TT), 2 DM, 2 AV, 1 AR, DD Jarvis (1 TT)

He goes after the Airfields but they are not TOO damaged. I lose a surprisingly light number of planes.

RESULTS: Excellent attack. The Pacific Fleet is well and truly mauled. Surprisingly Viberpol expressed his desire to launch a 2nd Attack since this one didn't do too well. REALLY? Wow. OK. If he wants to attack again and lose a bunch of aircraft to AA then I WELCOME that! I, personally think hitting PH twice is a Fool's Errand. For minimal results one will lose pilots and planes when the KB should be sprinting elsewhere. If he does stay near PH, I will unleash Enterprise to do some serious damage. Course he could also be trying some disinformation with me too...

A surprisingly pleasant opening round of hostilities here:

Clark is hit by two raids for a total of 48 Zero and 93 Betty-Nell. I only lose about six aircraft and the base is not too heavily damaged. Am sure he isn't happy about that!

No MANILA Strike! Man this is good news. I should be able to pull out all the useless SS and the DDs present without too much issue. Am toying with the idea of moving all my fighters to Manila, set a CAP Trap and LEAVE the shipping in Manila for the first day. Perhaps I'll send a few ships out to see what he has around? Hmmm...need to think about it but I'd love to clock some planes coming for Turn Two.

Landings occur at only Atimonan (TK Reg and portion of the SNLF Para Brigade) and Naga (Base Force Bn and SNLF Para Brig). Hmmm...interesting...wonder what his plan is here? I fight aggressively in the Philippines. He'll be in real trouble if he doesn't bring the kitchen sink. I plan to move all my engineers to Manila for the Forts. This will be the redoubt. With stacking limits, Bataan is not as strong as it should be so we'll fight in Manila to the end. Until he pushes my Infantry BACK that is...

Ro-34 hits CL Boise with a DUD! [:D]

Hong Kong is clobbered by about 150 bombers of all types and one of the British DDs (Thanet) takes a TT from a Betty

No LANDINGS at all along the coast! He does use Paras to grab Port Swettenham and Pt Dickson. I need Dickson so I can pull back towards Singapore so I will destroy the Paras there. My engineers will DIG at Kloung and Johore Bharu to set a defense-in-depth back towards Singapore. Grabbing those bases is probably a lead-in for a Mersing Gambit but this will be highly dangerous since he used all of the KB at Pearl. There will be no LR CAP if he comes in here. My Swords, Vildebreest, and A-24 will eat him for lunch. Air Search should give me a pretty good idea as what he is up to within a couple of days.

Viberpol commented that Force Z did not make an appearance. Did I retreat it? I said heck no! It was sent to sweep Singkawang just in case he tried something dangerously bold.

The only other landing for the Japanese occurs at Miri.

That is the opening. I've only seen the replay to this point so I don't have anymore details at this point. Commentary?

John 3rd -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 5:20:16 PM)

Initial thoughts for moves:

I will concentrate my warships at Soerabaja and create 2-3 STF. There be a strong British TF with PofW, then a combined Brit--Dutch TF with Repulse, and then an American TF centered around Houston, Pensacola, and Boise. They will shuttle between the left, center, and right of Java seeking to jab wherever possible. ALL these ships are expendable.

The Wing of A-24s and Squadron of P-40s at Darwin (dropped off by the Penscola TF) will rest and get all aircraft ready for operations and then move to Java. The start with woeful experience so I will train them whenever possible.

The two Base Force and two Artillery units with the Darwin TF will move to Port Moresby and strengthen its garrison.

Ships at PM will pick-up the small CD unit there (added in RA) and move it to---LUNGA--I am going to try and secure my right flank in the Coral Sea by moving small Inf, Engineers, and the CD unit there to really throw him a curve ball. Course he needs to give me about 7-14 days for that to be set and all. Lexington will be near there within 3 days so that should prevent any early moves into the Coral Sea.

Burma will see the concentration of the Burma Inf Div plus two Indian Brigades and every engineer possible to begin digging in at Pegu. All Infantry will be set to rest so their morale comes up.

One Squadron of AVG will move to Singapore to help there and a second AVG Squadron will move to Port Blair to help hold it.

Port Blair gets a Brigade of troops to help the CD and BF already present.

Cocos gets a Brigade of troops to help the CD that is present.

I will try to move troops to Palembang and into Timor. Want to wreck Palembang if possible and make him really have to fight for Timor.

Those are some initial thoughts...

Lecivius -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 5:41:25 PM)

"Commentary? " 

I've been on the recieving end of a much worse PH strike [;)]

Not sure why he dropped an anvil on Hong Kong & left Manila alone.

Looks like his rolls were all over, IMHO he should have done a lot better against Clark.

Gonna watch this with interest [8D]

Kitakami -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 5:59:21 PM)

Interesting turn 1. Just make sure you know where KB is heading, and move your CVs at flank!

John 3rd -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 6:08:45 PM)

If he stays at PH for another Day then I will kick Enterprise to FLANK SPEED and look to hit a Wake Invasion Force if possible. No matter what I will get those Marine F4Fs and then head for Truk.

Wake, for me, is always a great opportunity to deliver some really bad news to the Japanese. I will try to run some supply in and, perhaps, some more troops. REALLY want him to have to commit more then what is needed to take the base. Will use my SS to load mines to create a small MF there as well. To do all this I shall need roughly 3-4 days of relative peace around the atoll. If he doesn't provide that then I will simply get the fighters and move on.

He didn't hit Guam which is surprising. The Japanese start with Saipan and Tinian FILLED with troops and support units. Had to do this due to Truk being overstacked. What will he do with those troops? Hmm...

Keeping the KB together bespeaks a bit of conservativeness within his play style. If he is then I am going to have FUN. Not smacking Manila (our HR allowed for Port Attacks anywhere if using CV-Based Planes) is a gift for me. I shall be able to place 50-60 P-40 over the base tomorrow. They will be fodder for the Zeros but I will be able to blood some of his air units and begin the attrition process. What do people think of keeping the Thundering Herd in port for a day? Should I release them and see what survives?

Cribtop -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/20/2012 8:32:11 PM)

Run like Hades but leave enough sacrificial lambs that he will see the anchor symbol IMHO.

DOCUP -> RE: Here we go AGAIN: "Air Raid Pearl Harbor..." (6/21/2012 2:09:25 PM)

I agree with Cribtop.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/21/2012 2:28:23 PM)

Just make sure the first TF formed at Manila is a mine sweeping one and goes to Bataan at full speed. Anything else and they may become a mine sweeping TF, once. [:D]

FatR -> RE: With the Old Breed: RA 4.5 Allied Side (6/21/2012 10:37:22 PM)

The most surprising part is lack of landings in Malaya. Paratroops, IMO are better used on Luzon to seize airfields on Day 1 and ensure CAP over the landing zones next turn, assuming conventional approach to Philippines. Abscence of attack on Manila might be explainable by intent to knock out Allied aviation fist.

I wouldn't stay around after doing this much damage at Pearl. While I do believe that PH attack should involve entire KB to ensure surface superiority in the expansion phase, a second-day strike is very risky. Particularly after various scary flak updates. I would only attempt that in case of a really weak port strike and at least decent airfield strike.

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