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esteban -> Question about NKVD regiments in 1.06.06 (6/17/2012 11:22:28 PM)

I bought WitE in November of last year, and I have been playing either solitaire (where I play both sides) or vs. the AI. I have been using the NKVD security regiments to block the Finns at their "no attack" lines. I just upgraded to 1.06.06, and in a soliaire game I am in the NKVD security regiments are disbanding by themselves in August, 1941. However, this didn't happen in my earlier games.

Is this something that was changed in 1.06.06? I rather agree that using these weak and otherwise only somewhat useful security regiments to block in the Finns seems kind of cheesey, but I know it was a common Russky tactic back when I was last watching these forums in November/December.

Another explanation may be that in my current game I reassigned all the Finnish no-move line NKVD regiments to STAVKA, to free up the administrative burden on the various fronts/armies that they were originally assigned to. Perhaps dumping this administration on higher headquarters has infuriated Comrade Stalin, and he has reacted by saying that if Marshal Esteban doesn't want these security regiments they will just be sent home!

(Or maybe they are off building a gulag to house all those underperforming generals from the first couple months! Here's to hoping there is no knock on my door tonight)[&o]

cpt flam -> RE: Question about NKVD regiments in 1.06.06 (6/18/2012 6:38:43 AM)

you were right from begining
NKVD regiment are all quick to disband now
you must use brigade/division and so better to try adefense before the no attack line[:D]

elmo3 -> RE: Question about NKVD regiments in 1.06.06 (6/18/2012 12:08:58 PM)


v1.05.18 September 6, 2011
NKVD Border Regiments check for disbanding each friendly logistics phase starting in July 1941. The chance the unit will be disbanded is as follows:
July 1941 100% - %TOE of the unit
August 1941 80%
September 1941 and later 95%

esteban -> RE: Question about NKVD regiments in 1.06.06 (6/18/2012 2:08:42 PM)

Rifle brigades, parachute brigades and FZs sound like a plan, unless Leningrad is lost

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