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OnTheContrary -> How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 10:26:17 AM)

The title says it all. I have an older (2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo, ATI 3650 256 MB, 4 GB ram) laptop and I seriously like what I see here. I like to play at native resolution (1920x1080/1680x1050, depending on whether I am connected to my external screen) and with enough detail that the game looks good enough. So far, Matrix titles on this machine have run OK but I am unsure about this one.

redmarkus4 -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 10:30:45 AM)

I am running it on a laptop and desktop. The laptop is fairly new - Lenovo with 4G RAM, Core i3 and nVidia Geforce and it runs great with all settings maxed out.

One poster (Budd) said that he first downloaded the original AP 43 for $4.00 from someplace. Although APOS is a big step forwards, you might want to try out AP '43 first to see if that runs and how you like the game. The basics are almost identical, but APOS has improved graphics and an easier UI, which continues to improve.

OnTheContrary -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 10:34:53 AM)

Thanks for the quick response and the suggestion. I actually tried the demo for AP43 and it ran just fine, except for the critical error 003 that caused a crash to desktop after the first two minutes of play.

The demo for this is only available via Impulse which I really do not want to install just to get a sense of how well it runs. I guess I'll hold off purchasing then - I have all sorts of random problems with this "gem" of a laptop that I have (had Battle Academy bluescreen on me just a while ago).

redmarkus4 -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 10:50:57 AM)

If battle Academy is blue screening then you definitely want to get it fixed or replaced before investing in APOS.

budd -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 4:09:26 PM)

Im running it on a newer core i3 without a dedicated video card, with 8 gigs ram. I dont run it maxed out and still am turning things off on and on to find the sweat spot.there is a bunch of setttings in options of the game to play with. I posted screens in the screen shot thread so you can see how it looks for me. It runs fine, but my fps goes way down when i have time acceleration maxed out, which is no big deal.Amazon is where i bought the first game for $4 it's currently 9.99 download only. Here a link to the newest demo for APOS from graviteam.

its right there on the front. I'd try the demo and go from there. Have any other questions game wise[if you get it] ask away. It's good fun

bairdlander -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 6:04:49 PM)

Just try the demo first,thats what i did.

OnTheContrary -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 7:29:15 PM)

Thanks for the additional input, gents. Unfortunately, the link from the developer's website points straight to Impulse, and while there's another that is pointing at the developer's location somewhere, it is broken. Guess it's Impulse time for me now then.

Regarding the blue screen problem - I believe this is an issue directly related to the laptop's dismal airflow in the GPU department. First (and I believe second as well) generation EliteBooks did not have an exactly stellar airflow design and this is what we ended up with. I've had the laptop for 3.5 years now so it's out of warranty, but it still has to last me another year until I am willing to invest in a new one.

budd -> RE: How demanding (spec-wise) is this game? (6/17/2012 8:38:20 PM)

I think you can get the demo at gamersgate.

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