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PRUSSIAN TOM -> RE-installing 3.4 (6/16/2012 12:13:44 PM)

I have been running & updating TAOW3 since it came out. There are a few "glitches, such as a scenario with the wrong forces, ect. While the game runs, I would like to do a reinstall, properly update it to 3.4, and add in my extra scenarios. After uninstalling and re-installing the core game, how do I update the original version to 3.4, and how do I add an alternate graphics package?[&:]

Oberst_Klink -> RE: RE-installing 3.4 (6/16/2012 12:18:26 PM)


ltns, the .PNG graphics are all part of the 3.4 version. The update can be applied easily. Download it at:

In the main menu I would advice you to set the controls to the default classics. Advanced rules and new supply rules on (unless stated otherwise in a scenario description).

Drop me a line if there are issues during the installtion/update process.

Klink, Oberst

PRUSSIAN TOM -> RE: RE-installing 3.4 (6/22/2012 2:07:53 AM)

TY...I think I e-mailed out the specifics, but my version of TAOW3 had been on this PC since 2008! Patches, scenarions, and graphic mods plugged in almost at random (and it still works! Now I don't get the, "You have totally screwed up by using a German OOB for the Red Army," message.

BIG thanks to Oberst Klink...always willing to help out, with mods, scenarios, OOB's, and insight into what makes the game work (or, makes WW2 like WW1): Thanks for the tidbits to updates every favorite scenario.


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