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aztez -> PBEM Partnership (6/15/2012 3:42:55 PM)

There has way too much fighting on some of threads in forums lately.

I just wish people would respect each other and use the ignore buttons if they do not want to see those post.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions without getting personal.

Those things have kept me off the forums a bit (also have had an hectic year in RL as well) and touche to see ie. Nemo awol. Also people should gett off El Cid's back etc...

Anyway, the reason I posted was to say thanks to my 2 PBEM partners, encourage new forum members try an PBEM game and to say that it definately is possible to finish this game off.


I have been playing vs erstad (Dave) since Witp days.

Currently we are in 7/45 and moving ahead slowly at the moment.

We have encountered few bugs, diffrence of opinions but those things never have halted the game.

Sometimes turns are faster, sometimes slower depending RL but there also has never been issues with that since we both have known that things happen and the turn will eventually end up into inbox.

Thus thanks to Dave.. a true gentleman. Who knows if we go for the 3rd match up once this is over. Potentially yes.

It truly has been an honour to say at least.


Also want to say thank you hmswarspite (Christopher). This game is in 3/44 stage and could pretty much say the same as above.

I have 0% doubt that this will go into 1946's as well.

I did not know him from the forums before we started. Maybe seen few post here and there but must say he is an grinder.

Touche, that I did not have time to keep up with the AAR that was started. This game would have deserved one also.

Oh well, maybe we will due some sort of an recap once the game is actually over. Who knows...


So, maybe I have been lucky with offers I got to play PBEM's.

I do not know but way too many are halted or stopped. Hopefully we shall more games end in the "end screen".

Also could say the same from FRDLincoln.. we were scheluded for an rematch but the fight card is fully booked.

Everyone have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun....

LoBaron -> RE: PBEM Partnership (6/15/2012 5:07:07 PM)

Good post aztez! I opened a thread on this topic a while ago, now on p3 of the general discussion.

Would like to add Rob Brennan and offenseman to your list.

I have found caring and intelligent friends as well as cunning and dangerous long time PBEM partners with them,
and I could not think about a topic where the three of us would not get along.

By the way, it is good to see your game with erstad is still continuing. One of the first WitP AE AARs and an extremely enjoyeable journey!

aztez -> RE: PBEM Partnership (6/15/2012 5:30:20 PM)

Yup. Always knew that you would make a good team with Rob. I think has been here for ages now as well.

I do concur 100%... the PBEM games are all about flexibility (turn rates, issues and bugs).

As for the erstad game. I think it was one of the first to start.. definately enjoyable journey. The turn rates has slowed a bit in past months due both us been busy.

That rate will go up and down but as said no issues from neither of us on that subject.

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