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tankboy -> Victory Conditions (6/15/2012 2:34:04 PM)

The Game Manual I have has confusing Automatic Victory conditions. In Chapter 16.2 "Automatic Victory" it states that, "Once 365 days have been played into a scenario, there is a possibility that the game will end immediately due to an Automatic Victory Condition." Then in paragraph 16.2.1 it states "In 1943, if one player has 4 times the VP's of the other, the game will end."

Question - we are playing the War in the Pacific scenario. The scenario started on DEC 8 1941. Will the game end on DEC 8 1942 if the Japanese have 4:1 or will the game wait until 1 JAN 43 to make a determination?

kmitahj -> RE: Victory Conditions (6/16/2012 9:46:21 PM)

With usual disclaimers (didn't test it really etc...) looks like everyday victory condition check works like that:
1. if less then 365 days of game passed code stops here and does not bother to make any more checks.
2. if it is 1943 or later and there is 4:1 or more VP lead for either side victory condition is triggered
3. if it is 1944 or later and there is 3:1 or more VP lead for either side victory condition is triggered
4. if it is 1945 or later and there is 2:1 or more VP lead for either side victory condition is triggered.

All this checks goes on top of usual end-of-scenario check of course. So to answer your question the game will wait till 1st January 1943. Note however that though that 365 -days check (and corresponding manual clause) looks suprefluous it is so only for canonical GC scenario. There are scenarios which start somewhere in the middle of 1942 and go till 1945. In such scenarios 365-days check kicks in and first day when victory can be triggered is StartOfScenarioDay+365 - somewhen in the middle of 1943.

tankboy -> RE: Victory Conditions (6/26/2012 10:34:59 PM)

Thanks kmitahj. I guess I didn't take into account shorter scenarios. My Japanese opponent signed up for a 1 JAN 44 end date so hopefully I can recover.

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