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Zecke -> Cant play this game (6/14/2012 11:57:05 AM)

I am playing the game at easy AI, and the soviets build more than 70 units per turn i am in turn 5 and is impossible to play, also the AI does not show me the partisans units, (even if i push ctrl 0) any idea about why is this happening,, ¿why the AI is cheating me?

also i am playing in two different computers and the same results, the AI is crazy building more than 70 units per turn in easy difficulty

i have upgrade at 1.06.06, and read lost of AARs and when i see the archive pictures i dont see the units soviets like in my games, in the AARs there are a few soviet units

Any help will be great because i cant really play this game building the AI more than 70 units per turn in EASY difficulty

fbs -> RE: Cant play this game (6/16/2012 4:23:41 AM)

If you're playing the Grand Scenario 41-45, notice that the Soviets have a lot of scheduled reinforcements in the first turns. Remember that in 1941 the Red Army was the biggest army in the world, and had a lot of reserves.

On the other hand, also notice that for several turns the Soviet's attack value for entire divisions is 1 or 2, and many of those 1 are really like 0.1 or 0.2. A typical soviet Army has 4 to 6 divisions, and after you spank it for a turn or two the whole army will have no residual strength left; if you encircle 30 divisions, they won't be able to do anything as they drop to less than 0.1 strength in a turn, and can barely move too.

Trust me, for many turns the only thing a soviet division can do is run and live or stand and (rather easily) die.

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