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latosusi -> air units disbanding (6/11/2012 8:17:21 PM)

I just had loads of air groups disbanded. Units with SB-2 and DB-3B planes. Turn 130.
Is that supposed to happen and any way to avoid it?

Thank you for your advice

carlkay58 -> RE: air units disbanding (6/11/2012 10:34:56 PM)

SAD Airbases begin to disband in Mar '42 - about 3 per turn. They always seem to disband the crucial ones first. How do you avoid it? I start to disband the SAD airbases at the start of the game as the Soviet player. The Soviet air force is already weak and new airbases will be generated as needed as the air force begins to rebuild.

latosusi -> RE: air units disbanding (6/12/2012 3:45:45 PM)

airbases stayed, only air groups disbanded. Those are not SAD bases anyway

Omat -> RE: air units disbanding (6/12/2012 10:15:08 PM)


You probably have too many airplanes. If you reach a certain number of planes units with old planes will be disbanded.

solution: - disband some units manually
- gve these units with "old" planee typs new typs e.g. Pe-2; B-25 and so on..

Hope it helps...


latosusi -> RE: air units disbanding (6/13/2012 10:38:04 AM)

ohh, i see. Thanks

Denniss -> RE: air units disbanding (6/13/2012 10:49:57 PM)

WitE has a certain limit on how many aircraft/pilots may be active in air units at the same time. With the soviet air group sizes increasing in 1943 it reaches a limit and the game engine starts a cleanup operation. Usually the units flying the oldest types will be disbanded first, regardless of experience or morale.
Thus try to disband the units with the lowest experience/morale first or units with a low max number of aircraft (some units may stay at max size of 10 or below and could be counted as useless).

latosusi -> RE: air units disbanding (6/14/2012 7:55:49 PM)


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