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Andrew Loveridge -> War in the East v1.06.14 Public Beta Available! (6/11/2012 5:53:01 PM)

Hello all,

We have a new version of the next update. You can get a beta version in the Members Club. It has a few changes since v1.06.11, as listed below. This should be the last version before making it official.
It includes updates for Don to the Danube, if you have that installed.

V1.06.14 July 8, 2012

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a bug where the AI was changing formation attachments of some human player controlled armies between Army Groups A and B in 1942.
      2. Fixed a discrepancy between the in-game victory screen and the one displayed in the Multiplayer lobby (the Multiplayer lobby was wrong).
      3. Fixed a bug where units that were not intended to arrive in a limited map scenario were arriving as reinforcements. Now, any unit set in the editor to arrive on a hex outside the playable map area will not enter the scenario.
      4. Fixed a bug where non-isolated empty units could get disbanded (and would created looping disband messages).

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. Corrected the build limit of the SdKfz-251/2 Mortar Carrier (64) to agree with the initial factory size.
      Cleaned up the device file by removing many duplicate weapons.

V1.06.13 June 5, 2012

    New Features and Rule Changes

      1. Rule Change (Section 18.1.1) Reinforcements that do not have a specific entry hex set and do not have a valid city/town of their nationality to appear at may appear at a city/town of a different nationality as long as it is friendly controlled and connected to a supply source.
      2. Rule Change (Section 20.4.4) Excess supplies will be sent back to friendly cities instead of to HQs.
      3. Rule Change (Section 20.1.1) - In limited map scenarios, rail hexes outside of the limited area can provide supply. This may prevent some units along the map edge from being isolated, and will also allow OKH and other HQs positioned outside the play area to be considered in supply. This should allow arriving reinforcements that are attached to out of play HQs to receive supplies on the turn of arrival.
      4. Code Optimization - Optimized game memory usage, reducing memory usage by map art.
      5. Code Optimization Optimized HHQ selection code.

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a bug where inactive air groups could appear on the air transfer screen.

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. OBs 42a Rifle Corps (OB 394) and the 42b Rifle Corps (OB 195) have been expanded to consist of five (5) rather than four (4) rifle brigades. Soviet players can now create these corps by first combining 4 rifle brigades into two rifle divisions then combining those divisions with another rifle brigade to form a corps based primarily on rifle brigade TOEs (although this is not necessary).

Erik Rutins -> RE: War in the East v1.06.14 Public Beta Available! (7/20/2012 9:36:40 PM)

Please note that the new v1.06.14 Public Beta Update is now available. The first post has been updated with the latest change list.

Thank you to those who are willing to help us test these updates before they become official.


- Erik

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