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bairdlander -> black ground or grass? (6/10/2012 5:04:32 PM)

Got the 42 DLC,I realize the start of scenario is 8am,but is the ground supposed to be black?I see screenshots from others here and grass looks green[&:]


**budd** -> RE: black ground or grass? (6/10/2012 6:02:18 PM)

here's my shot


**budd** -> RE: black ground or grass? (6/10/2012 6:10:29 PM)

here's another one, i zoomed in and out and tried to look at the map from all angles. Never got it to look like yours from any angle or height.


bairdlander -> RE: black ground or grass? (6/10/2012 7:24:22 PM)

thanks,I will reinstall or ask on Graviteam forum.

redmarkus4 -> RE: black ground or grass? (6/10/2012 10:16:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: bairdlander

thanks,I will reinstall or ask on Graviteam forum.

Tell us what you find out. I did a re-install after installing patch 7c on top of the 42 and 43 DLC addons. I started to get that 001 Critical Error crash.

This time around I just installed vanilla and patched it - no DLC for the moment until I'm sure its stable without.

**budd** -> RE: black ground or grass? (6/11/2012 2:31:07 AM)

I'm reinstalling now myself, 001 error started coming up all the time. Even tried disabling the dice. going to do the exe patch, the feb one thru the update and the village update and leave the add-ons off for now. I read over at simhq forums the english patch wont be out "not before the june 19th" here's the interesting statement "for objective reasons" refering to the english patch.
here's the link.

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