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NewBobolix -> AP questions (6/10/2012 11:50:20 AM)

Hi all, please before replying consider that I just finished reading the wonderful "beginners AAR" written from Missouri Rebel and I never played this game system before (I actually played ASL in my university years-25 years ago). For what I understood in the original boardgame AP are not persistent due to the limitation of the player keeping track of it.
Missouri Rebel (M.R. from now) wrote:

A Game Turn in CoH consists of a varying number of Player Turns (turns) in which one player will perform an action or pass. As soon as the action or pass is made, play moves to the opponent who will now perform an action or pass.
Example; Player 1 moves to an adjacent hex / Player 2 attacks Player 1 and misses / Player 1 attacks Player 2 and hits / Player 2 attempts a rally etc.

In fact in his first turn he starts moving an LMG and spend 1 AP, the russian move the MMG and the ball goes back to M.R. that uses 2 AP to attack the MMG and still have 4 AP left...
I find this system very easy to use (and close to a real action) and very difficult to master (positive) as you have to freely decide when and how to use AP.

Now I try to consider the original boardgame system....when the LMG is moved (1 AP) is turn finished for him or is it still possible to perform some actions ?

This way the number of game turns will be much much higher and a game turn will be very very short (in this case M.R. will have 4 units to activate once and the turn is over).
I presume that in the original system there are rules not implemented (and I understand it as I read that the classic non persistent AP system has been added lately and uncompletely in the PC game)

Thank You

Joram -> RE: AP questions (6/10/2012 12:20:57 PM)

In the 'Classic' rules, you move a unit for all of it's APs before the next unit is activated.  If you choose not to use all it's APs, the remaining are lost.  You can still reactivate the unit later usings CAPs just like you could add CAPs to any unit.

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