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balto -> Opponent tonight say around 9p EST (USA)? (6/9/2012 5:46:58 PM)

I will be watching the Forum and maybe check out the Lobby (which seems to work really well, except there was no one in it) tonight around 9p (EST) USA.

I bought this yesterday and I have only played up through The Bunker. If you are interested in any of these small unit inexperienced matches, well, here I am. I do not care which side. If you want to play Monster, no way will I be Germans because it is lopsided.., I think. The rest seem okay with me, either side.

Great game.

junk2drive -> RE: Opponent tonight say around 9p EST (USA)? (6/9/2012 5:53:56 PM)

If you have facebook there is a group for us. It is another way to hook up with players since you get notifications of new posts to the group.

JFalk68 -> RE: Opponent tonight say around 9p EST (USA)? (6/10/2012 8:47:01 AM)

Sorry, I missed this post Balto.  I will play a multiplayer game with you sometime, we do have a FB group and I think it makes getting a game easier with the instant notifications. Here is the link for it https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ConflictofHeroes/

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