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DigIn -> Missing moves? (6/6/2012 6:09:04 AM)

Take Gen. Petrov for an example. It is 17 hexes to the first Soviet VP Hex, 1 more to the next and 4 more to the next. Therefore I have to move a unit it's full 7 AP's 2 times and another 2/3/6 the 3rd time to get to the VP hexes with ZERO Soviets on the board. Either I am missing something or almost all the German Attack senarios are impossilbe to win. What am I missing? I kill Soviets much more efficently than he kills me but the VP hexes win all the time.

Josh -> RE: Missing moves? (6/6/2012 1:29:46 PM)

I think you're right, assault scenarios are almost impossible to win as German. I kill Russian units faster than he kills mine, but the VP count is impossible to overcome. So it's not a matter of "missing moves" but a matter of balance.
Maybe the VP hexes should be neutral from the start, then the defender would have the choice of either defend a few VP's, dig in and make a stand... or try to defend them all and race to the first (closest to the attacker) VP's. The very first VP's the attacker will probably reach first, so the whole game gets a different dynamic.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Missing moves? (6/6/2012 2:07:18 PM)

I have not had an issue with General Petrov with the Soviets as the AI. It's a challenging scenario but far from impossible. I think for human vs. human play it's easier for the Soviet side. Could you post a bit more information on how you are playing the scenario, your tactics, etc. and perhaps we can help?

It's easy to focus on casualties and forget to keep moving, but in most COH scenarios if you are the attacker you have to be moving every turn. You can win some scenarios through a good casualty ratio, but not all.


- Erik

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