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RJL5188 -> anthems (6/1/2012 12:03:01 AM)

Where is the list of music and anthems for the campaign series located? I want to know the rest of them..."Panzerlied" I know as well as the Waffen SS song "Erika"...what are the others for both Axis and Allies in EF, WF and RS?

Crossroads -> RE: anthems (6/1/2012 4:29:53 PM)

I once tried to figure them out. This is the best I could come up with:


EDIT: spent a bit more time listening to what is available as-is


abackN (N=0-2) ambient background music

=> Having listened to EF abackN files, I believe these are the Allied marching songs?

backN (N=0-7) various battle effects for background

nbackN (N=0-5) neutral (?) background tunes and music

pback1 German anthem
pback2 Italian anthem

Pback8 French anthem
Pback9 British anthem
Pback10 US anthem

xbackN (N=0-4) are German marches
0 Tschingta Tschingta Bummtara
1 Ambient tune
2 Erika
3 Die Braune Kompanie
4 ?

Victory1_N & MVictory1_N "German" congratulations
Victory8_N & MVictory8_N "French" congratulations
Victory9_N & MVictory9_N "British" congratulations
Victory10_N & MVictory10_N "US" congratulations

pback0 Soviet Union / Russian anthem
pback1 German anthem

nbackN (N=0-16) ambient background tunes

xbackN (N=0-5) are German marches

Edit: I thought Panzerlied was there as well, but I am pretty sure it isn't. It's the Braune Kompanie instead?

RJL5188 -> RE: anthems (6/1/2012 6:39:54 PM)

on no...panzerlied is in there...i know...i play this game pretty often...i still think in terms of play balance and customization...its still one of the best WW2 games ever made

RJL5188 -> RE: anthems (6/1/2012 6:52:54 PM) the way...thank you for the information...u did answer my questions

Crossroads -> RE: anthems (6/1/2012 7:31:13 PM)

Ahh... but which xback?.ogg is the Panzerlied then? [:)]

I ask as I've replaced the original .ogg files with war movie themes... I did not keep the original oggs ( as they continue to be available if I reinstall the thing).

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