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t001001001 -> The game needs a difficulty slider (5/23/2012 12:14:43 AM)


I've read the hint/tips at bbs, I've read the manual, lots of threads here, I understand supply, so on. I understand if I master the game I'll breeze through the scenarios perfectly.

imo it needs a slider anyway.

I enjoy getting through a scenario quickly an efficiently but I also like to play a scenario once, w/ allowance that I'll make mistakes - have to pull back failure and reinforce success (like that), and still be able to reasonably win w/o a major catastrophe. The game is so difficult that I must start over if a slight mistake is made. I appreciate quick breakthroughs, etc, but I'd like to allow a few more turns to myself. thx [8D]

t001001001 -> RE: The game needs a difficulty slider (5/23/2012 12:18:53 AM)

If there's a file I can edit to give 3-5 more turns I'd appreciate someone telling me which one [img][/img]

I don't want to mess w/ the unit stats, a few more turns w/b nice.

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