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Lebatron -> How many shots for Op-fire? (5/20/2012 6:42:50 AM)

It took a little getting used to because I expected a pure I go you go system, but I do like how units react when it's not even their turn. My question is how many shots of op-fire do your units get when it's the other players turn? THe same you would get when it's yours? And say I choose not to use up any of my attacks during my turn would I then get more op-fire attacks. Like 2 shots I didn't use before plus the 2 op-fire seems to give me for a total of 4. In other words does not firing during your move increase the number of shots you get during op-fire. I could not find any info on this in the game manual. Thanks for any help.

junk2drive -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (5/20/2012 2:07:40 PM)

At Slitherine I have a collection of tips and things that could have been in the manual

From that is this section on Reaction fire. The third point talks about shots.

Reaction Fire

* Units that are hidden will not shoot and reveal their position unless they have a significant chance to hurt the enemy, or when they feel its time to shoot or die.
* Units that are hunting are harder to detect and your men may not notice them.
* Units always get a bonus shot in the opponents turn for opportunity fire. If they did not shoot in their turn they also get their base 2 shots. If they are elite they can get an additional bonus shot.
* Units that are visible will fire all but their last shot at anything they detect. Their last shot will be saved for something they think they can hurt, or when they feel its time to shoot or die.
* Units that are close to be suppressed will fire their last shot as there is a good chance that waiting for the enemy to shoot will mean you're suppressed and never get the chance to fire back.
* The criteria for damaging the enemy reduces as they get closer. E.g. at long range you might need a 25% chance to use your last shot or fire from cover. When adjacent you always shoot, even with a 0% chance to hurt them.
* Vehicles have variable detection rates. They are best in the forward 90 degrees. Weaker in the side and poor to the rear. Closed top tanks are worse and tanks without turrets even worse. Some tanks were notorious for having poor visibility and these are also heavily penalised on detection.
* Retreating tanks are usually good targets to shoot at as you often get rear/side armour shots. If you missed you were just unlucky. A 35% chance to miss means you should hit 1 in 3 times. There is a ~1 in 8 chance you would shoot 5 times in a row and miss. 1 in 8 is a pretty common occurrence. There is a ~1 in 60 chance you'd shoot and miss 10 times in a row.

Lebatron -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/1/2012 3:21:37 PM)

Thanks Junk.

This is a great game. I play this now instead of Conflict of Heroes.

wodin -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/1/2012 7:46:09 PM)

Any reason you stopped playing CoH?

Lebatron -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/2/2012 6:25:00 PM)

I think Battle Academy is many times better than COH. It looks better, and has much more polish. I love the cartoony look to units if you want to call it that. With COH I play with counters because the 3D models don't appeal to me at all(seems to be a common compliant of COH buyers), but here in BA they look great. The terrain maps in BA are much better looking than COH's. The LOS in BA works better than COH. Compare the buildings in BA vs COH. They look so much better. The whole look of COH just sucks imo. Only the counters look good. And those are copied from the boardgame. Perhaps if WCS had the wisdom to copy more from the boardgame their product would have been better for it. BA also has the comic book style story boards. You got to like that. What did WCS give COH? Nothing. A simple menu to select your scenario is all. The whole COH PC presentation comes off as a barebones mock up to me. It was released to the public with no polish at all. Case in point. Just take a close look at the flashing ground highlight you see when you select a unit. Notice how the blob highlight around the 6 surrounding hexes is off center? Notice the jagged edges? Well what you are seeing there is a quick and dirty alpha development solution that was never replaced with a quality highlight for final release. You don't see this slop in BA at all anywhere. After witnessing this train wreck I have no faith in WCS anymore. Their standards and mine are miles apart.

As a boardgame, COH is great, but currently it does not play like the boardgame, so until it does I'm pretty much staying away. I'll wait until classic AP and classic LOS is patched in before I spend time with this game again. I'll play it then, but I still won't like the look of it. It's really sad that WCS got the rights to COH and not this guy. This vid shows us what COH on computer could have been. Read the comments.
COH iPad game

junk2drive -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/2/2012 6:50:25 PM)

Glad you enjoy the game.

k9mike -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/3/2012 9:39:03 PM)

Really liked the style of how that iPad app game was made. Too bad it didn't look an have a format like that.... very nice...

junk2drive -> RE: How many shots for Op-fire? (6/4/2012 4:17:49 AM)

I would like to see the map maker from COH with the gameplay from BA.

This map maker is pretty nice. Open source for an RPG. 9 minute video.

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