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jcrohio -> Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 1:25:13 AM)

Had a game today where a truck and anti tank gun were in the same hex - wanted to choose the anti tank gun to load on the truck but could not access the gun - had to move the truck out of the hex and back in to load the gun

I have a save for this if needed


Joram -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 3:13:35 AM)

If you post a save, I can take a look at it.  It's likely just challenging to click but I'd be happy to doublecheck.

jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 1:09:26 PM)

How do you post a save - sorry - could I just Email you a save?

Joram -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 2:53:25 PM)

You need to put it in a .zip file and then upload it here like you would a picture. You should see the option if you click reply to this post.

jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 6:36:04 PM)

I think I got it - look at the truck and 88 at the german start area - please let me know if I have done something wrong


ericbabe -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 10:50:58 PM)

Were you playing with chits or 3D models? Top down or isometric camera?

jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/16/2012 11:20:47 PM)

chits and isometric

Joram -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 1:32:55 AM)

This is what I see when I load the save file.


Joram -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 1:34:27 AM)

I was able to select both units quite easily here (they are selected in a group). Doesn't mean you don't have an issue but I can't reproduce it. Are you able to capture a screenshot of what you see at first to compare?


jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 2:49:56 PM)


Thanks for the effort - I went back and reloaded the save and it looked exactly like yours - obviously you can select either unit

I am not sure of why - originally they were stacked on top of each other and the '88 was not selectable

Oh well - again thanks for the effort


Joram -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 3:16:58 PM)

I've occasionally seen what you describe when a unit is already loaded though I've never seen it before it's loaded.

ericbabe -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 6:52:47 PM)

Were you switching between 3D / chit view? There is one or two positioning things that aren't updated immediately when switching views -- I think the positions of loaded units may be one of these things, but I didn't think that stacking positioning was one of them. I've been working on fixing these issues for the next update.

Was this from loading a save game? It's possible that all the position elements (carrying, stacking) aren't properly refreshed after a save game is loaded.

jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 8:01:27 PM)

I never use the 3D units so it was not that. I won't swear to this but I think it was after loading a save game that this happened. I tried to reload and the same thing happened. That is why it was strange that it did not happen when Joram tried or when I tried it a couple of days later

ericbabe -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 10:35:31 PM)

Did you load the save file from in-game vs. from the main menu? Could that be the difference?

jcrohio -> RE: Stacked unit problem (5/17/2012 10:42:54 PM)

Originally yes - but I remember checking it again later and that was not

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