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Turner -> Question to Allied players (5/14/2012 5:18:35 AM)

Would you consider the game (PBEM) lost if the Luftwaffe had access to the Ta152C in feb '44?

A few months ago I (supposedly) won a '43 campaign because my opponent effectively gave up after the Ta152C started showing up in numbers around feb '44. What I want to know is whether it's still possible for the allied player to win in that situation?

Dobey455 -> RE: Question to Allied players (5/14/2012 11:38:28 AM)

Lost? Not unless he was already on the ropes.
It will be more costly for longer, but the allies, the US in particular, have the ability to take an amazing amount of punishment.

Basically instead of the Allies finding the going easier as newer planes come in, it would be more a case that they are simply keeping pace.

Turner -> RE: Question to Allied players (5/14/2012 7:31:01 PM)

Well, that was what I figured too, that it was more a case of keeping pace. However he had already lost significant numbers of 4-engine bombers at that point so I guess the decisive factor was his lack of planning for the targets that mattered. The combination of a strained bomber force and the introduction of even better interceptors made him think he'd had enough, again my guess but seems probable.

It was sad because both of us had invested hundreds of hours into the game, quite literally, and to see it end like that. You can imagine that from my point of view, I had only just started.

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