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YoungAtHeart -> Editing existing Scenarios? (5/12/2012 11:42:25 PM)

Can the existing scenario's be edited to create a new scenario? I get my butt kicked constantly on "Easy" level so I would like to add a few troops to my side.

Lebatron -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (5/13/2012 12:16:59 AM)

Hmm don't know. But I think the time spent in the scenario editor could instead go into just practicing until you understand the fundamentals. It doesn't take long. Game skill ramps up quickly.

ericbabe -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (5/13/2012 8:41:59 PM)

You can do this.

Copy the map files of the scenario you want to edit from:
Documents\Western Civilization Software\Conflict of Heroes - Awakening the Bear\Data\Maps

The map files for a single map typically include six files that all start with the same name.

To copy a scenario file from Awakening the Bear, copy from:
Documents\Western Civilization Software\Conflict of Heroes - Awakening the Bear\Data\Scenarios

There are typically four or more scenario files that all begin with the same name.

After these files are copied to these locations, you can open them in the scenario editor and add units or modify them as you like. Save the changes to map and scenario. You can then play your custom scenario by choosing the "Additional Firefights" location from the "Play Game" screen off the main menu. If you intend to share copies of your map changes or firefight changes with other users, I strongly recommend renaming the map/scenario from the default name so as to distinguish it from the versions distributed with the game.

If you intend to play COH online, never make changes to the map or scenario files located in the game's Data\ locations; always first copy these files to the two locations listed above and then edit them there. If you modify the game version of scenario files you'll end up with a different version of the scenario or map from that of your online opponent, and things will become bad during your game. Also we may make official changes to these scenario files from time to time, and if we do that then we'll end up overwriting any changes to these files that you have made.

I'd be happy to help you figure out any of the steps in this process that might be confusing.

YoungAtHeart -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (5/13/2012 10:44:58 PM)

Thank you for the advice and information. I have a lot to learn about tactics but was finally able to win the Partisan scenario by giving myself an extra rifle squad. I still can't figure out why the Soviets seem to hit every time while most of my shots miss. Oh well, like I said, I still have a lot to learn.

Missouri_Rebel -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (5/14/2012 9:55:48 PM)

Check out my aar for ONE example of decent tactics. Of course I played someone in that scenario the other day and he used another strategy that really beat me up.

Keep at it.

mo reb

genehaynes -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (6/17/2012 1:16:29 PM)


I'm trying to modify the AI scripts for the ATB / Bug River scenario. I copied the map and scenario files to the directory in your post (Documents/Western civ...etc.).

Can you tell me how to go about changing the AI scripts for existing units in this scenario? I can't figure out how to access the units used in the scenario so I can attempt to change their scripts. It looks to me the Allied / Axis unit lists are for adding new units to the scenario. I want to change the scripts for the units already in the scenario.

Any help would be appreciated.

ericbabe -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (6/17/2012 7:36:35 PM)

To change scripts for existing units, open the AI script editor. Within that editor you can assign scripts to function keys. Close the editor to return to the main scenario editor. Use the function keys to assign scripts to units under your mouse cursor.

You can create new scripts in the editor and save them. If you do this, be sure to distribute the new script files with your modded scenario files. If the game doesn't find your new script files it will revert to having units follow the default script.

genehaynes -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (6/18/2012 5:33:26 AM)


I changed the scripts for ALL German units in the Bug river scenario from STANDARD to HOLDANDGIVECAPS (Scenario / Re-inforcement screen). I saved the changes and saved the scenario to one I named TEST. However when I select the TEST scenario (Under firefights, in the editor) the German units still show STANARD in the unit information box.

How do I "activate" the script changes I made in the scenario / reinforcement screen.?

ericbabe -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (6/18/2012 4:26:12 PM)

It seems as though it should work properly based on what you've described. You shouldn't have to do anything special to get changed AI scripts to work. I will see whether I can duplicate this.

neil501 -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (4/11/2013 12:52:46 PM)

Hi I wanted to know if i can just change the unit's stats and maybe add a unit or two i tried the above and i get an error i can even start the game!

Unit data validation failed. at
hexgame.modelspace.pieces.pieceprototype.LoadContent(ContentManager Content,GraphicsDevice device)
at hexgame.application.hexgame.Loadcontent()
at microsoft.Xna.Framework.game.Initilize()
at hexgame.application.hexgame.Initilize()
at microsoft.Xna.Framework.game..Run()
at hexgame.application.Program.Main(String[] args)

Now i get this if i try to change even one digit! i cant open or play the demo. Is there anyway to mod the actual units and/or change them? working on this two days now and getting fustrated anyone have any answers? Please? [&:]

neil501 -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (4/11/2013 2:18:52 PM)

Please also note if i do change anything when i get the error i have to totally re-download the game and re-install it or i get the error and cant play the game!

Jamm -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (4/11/2013 3:13:08 PM)

Hi Neil,
I don't think we're able to alter unit stats to create new units.
I think I tried the same thing when I first got into the editor and had the same problems.
You can however do whatever you like with existing scenarios or create new ones.
New units will be coming out for the game in future expansions.

neil501 -> RE: Editing existing Scenarios? (4/11/2013 4:17:06 PM)

Can u just change the unit stats then on existing scenario? How? Like i said i change ANYTHING and then i have to re-install game as it just crashes and i get the error i posted above

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