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Chickenboy -> A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 10:52:01 PM)

I've been debating the merits of putting together a midwar AAR from the Japanese side. So many AARs peter out in late 1942 or early 1943-I've always thought it would be useful to see one that started in mid-late 1943 and carried on through the end of war.

I can feel the pressure building in several theatres now-there will be some heavy fighting within the next few months. My spidey senses are tingling.

My honorable opponent is USS Henrico. He's played a (mostly) conservative Allied gameplan to date. I'll review his territorial clawbacks and describe his style of gameplay with some examples. He's a good opponent that I've been with since December 2009. We'll see this thing through to its rightful (and bloody) end.

I'm a comparatively conservative Japanese player myself. I've tried to ensure a strong defensive perimeter focused on a few strategic bullwarks. I've been successful in bleeding my opponent sufficiently to slow his timetable, I believe. This is all I can hope for.

All are welcome to post their thoughts here. For you newer players-I'm always happy to answer any questions as best I can.

I could use some help (hear that Mike Solli and NYGiants58?) on the Japanese economy, as it has largely been held together with baling wire, Kentucky windage and dead reckoning. Still, I'm in reasonably good shape. I don't use Tracker (tried several times and failed), but I have other means of tracking my production that are-I believe-satisfactory.

We are playing scenario 1, PDU on. We have upgraded only to 'official' patches, usally some months after they are published. We have not yet upgraded to the latest 'official' patch.

Summaries are in order. See below for my pieced together attempts.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 10:55:20 PM)

The main victory screen.


I lead by about 10,200 VPs at this time. It won't be enough to take me anywhere near Autovictory, but that was never the point. I'm pleased that I've been able to keep ahead of my opponent in VPs. I believe that I've largely done that by air parity (a not insignificant achievement) and Allied army casualties.

Political points are mostly used to buy out remaining units from Kwangtung (just bought out 1/3 of a division today). They are manna from heaven.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:11:16 PM)

Ships lost by class:

Allied first.

The initial attack in this game was focused on Manila. KB was present to deliver the initial blows. Allied submarine losses to date (44):

The Manila strike took care of 19 of them. Recently, as my airborne ASW has picked up, it's accounting for more than it did early war.

I believe a good number of the later "kills" are due to FOW and represent submarines damaged by airborne ASW, not sunk.


obvert -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:13:53 PM)

I for one am very happy for you to start this AAR. We do need more in this region of play. Looking forward to the rest.

I do notice you've done well in the air. You've taken down more Allied planes than you've lost.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:17:02 PM)

Allied combatants (non-capital ships):

Distressingly few. His navy is still largely intact re: minor combatants.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:17:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: obvert

I for one am very happy for you to start this AAR. We do need more in this region of play. Looking forward to the rest.

I do notice you've done well in the air. You've taken down more Allied planes than you've lost.

Thanks, obvert. [:)]

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:20:48 PM)

Allied losses (major combatants).

Comments: I've done a little better here, but again-his navy is still in good shape.

Lexington is likely FOW. She was heavily damaged in the action near Taberfane and Tanna and, I believe managed to limp from the scene. For those of you that recall-a few months ago, I posted a "Mid-war carrier battle" AAR snippet. This detailed the actions of that Japanese victory.

Saratoga and Yorktown were traded for mini-KB in May 1942. Victorious ran afoul of a well-placed IJN SS between Suva and New Zealand.

Massachusetts was heavily damaged in the Taberfane / Tanna battle and withdrew. She is probably alive, as I doubt my fortune in her sinking within sight of the Panama canal.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:35:55 PM)

Other Allied losses:

xAK: 79

xAP: 22 (noteables: APA Harris grounded near Horn Island; xAP President Harrison bombed at Manila; xAP Empress Asia sunk by submarine off Western New Zealand on 8/20/43-laden with troops)

TK: 15 (noteables: TK Gulfpride by spontaneous enflagration off the Western coast CONUS)

PT/PG/PC/ML/HDML/MTB: 74. Roughly two-thirds of these are PT or MTB boats.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:43:46 PM)

IJN ship losses: Capitol ships:

Comments: Very workable. No BB classes lost to date.

CV Hiyo and CVE Chuyo were working independently supporting Japanese troops in the Southern Solomons when they were bushwacked by all Allied fleet carriers.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:51:25 PM)

Other IJN combatants lost:

Comments: Most lost around the Coral Sea in fight for Western P/NG. I regret the loss of the CA classes, particularly Aoba which was lost by carelessness off of the N. Australia coast.

CA Chokai and Haguro missed an attempted intercept of an Allied amphibious TF (by one hex!) and were destroyed by escorting Allied carrier aircraft the following day.


Mike Solli -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/12/2012 11:54:24 PM)

Alright, CB, where's the rest?! It's Saturday night. What else do you have to do? You live in Minnesota after all. You're probably still snowed in! [:'(]

I agree with obvert. I think you've done exceeding well. Before seeing ship losses of course. [:D]

Edit: Oops, slow in my typing. [;)]

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 12:09:48 AM)

Other IJN losses:

xAK/xAKL: 172. This seems like a staggering number, but the Japanese have a surfeit of xAK classes. Losses have accelerated in the last several months, with the fielding of improved Allied torpedoes.

xAP: 8

AO/TK: 18. Only 6 of these were moderate to large-sized oilers, the others were small fry

SS: 45. 23 of these losses were minisubs of the Ha class.

AMc/PB/E/SC/cSC: 97. Most of these are cSC and PB classes. The majority of the PB losses were xAKL conversions

Auxiliary: 6

Comments: I do treasure new ASW-capable ships and put my coastal SCs to good use. Although the xAK / xAKL losses are numerous, losses are manageable.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 12:12:32 AM)


ORIGINAL: Mike Solli

Alright, CB, where's the rest?! It's Saturday night. What else do you have to do? You live in Minnesota after all. You're probably still snowed in! [:'(]

I agree with obvert. I think you've done exceeding well. Before seeing ship losses of course. [:D]

Edit: Oops, slow in my typing. [;)]

Thanks, Mike. Mrs. Chickenboy is at a wool festival (she's into spinning and other fiber arts), so I'm clear. [:D]

Which reminds me-I need to go and eat dinner. Will post theatre standings later.

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 12:40:47 AM)

PM sent to see if I can help with economics. I use Tracker exclusively and would not leave home without it.[;)]

I'm at 12 Aug '43 in my PBEM as Japan, but using Scenario 2.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 1:29:49 AM)

Here's my pathetic approach to handling economics. First up: my pathetic approach towards engine and airframe production.

I use the 'industry management' button on the mainscreen and also the 'engine and aircraft production' tab on the 'information' screen (the screen that has the VPs and PPs available, aircraft losses, etc.).

Here's my engine and aircraft production tab, sorted by engine type. I find this a good way to keep pace with my engine production and ensure that it matches the number of airframes in production:


Some notes:

1. I borked early R&D but good. No excuses-it was a real dog's breakfast until a couple months ago.

Two exceptions: Tojo IIc and Frank Ia airframes will be accelerated. The former by at least two months, the latter by an amount TBD. For the Frank, I have 55 repaired R&D in a single factory, with the balance repairing in two smaller factories. This should still get moved forward.

2. I am producing WAY more LBA and carrier-based bombers than necessary. Same with Oscar IIb aircraft. This is intentional-I am stockpiling promising kamikaze airframes prior to the onset of 1944. Notable on my list is the apparent redundancy of Ki-21IIb Sallies. I'm producing 42 monthly, almost exclusively for future kamikaze duty. I have about 450 of the IIa and IIb saved for 'frontline' kamikaze duty when the time comes.

I've been spending much of my IJAAF training effort getting pilots to >55 skill for LowNav-the kamikaze skillset of choice. I should have roughly 1,000 pilots so trained at this time.

3. I am producing some antiquated airframes to use up some minor engine surpluses. I've already shifted the factories to produce a different engine type, and am matching up surplus engines with airframes (e.g., Ki-32 Mary). Mostly for kamikaze production purposes.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 2:00:45 AM)

My industry management front page:


1. The "failed" are mostly HI production from inland China. Largely uninteresting. I 'failed' a check for oil at Port Arthur this turn-I just had a sizeable TK/AO TF depart with a load for the home islands.

2. HI is at 1.94 million and increasing by about 6,000 / day.

I have Armaments scaled back significantly. Have been working off of a surfeit which was once 125,000. I'm pleased where this stands now.

3. Vehicle is growing, albeit slowly. I'd like this to be about 20,000, but it's sufficient for now.

4. Naval shipyard is low, obviously. I have a number of NavSY production centers turned off. Quite frankly, however, I'm comfortable with where it's at. I get the Katsuragi in 30 days-it's been considerably accelerated. I'll have the three remaining Unryu classes and a CVL in the build list at that point.

I've converted all four CSs. These will be coming out of the yards in the next 30-90 days for four more CVLs.

DDs and E classes in the cue have been accelerated, but are likely wanting somewhat for NavSY points. What do you think-worth turning some back on?

5. Oil at 1.25 million is lower that I'd like. I have three massive incoming TK deliveries set to come in on Honshu or Kyushu. This should be upped by about 125,000 oil.

6. Resources at 17.3 million are OK. I have very large stockpiles at Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Port Arthur, Hokkaido and Sakhalin. Any two or three of these is sufficient to keep the empire going for a long long time, I think.

7. Fuel on next page.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 2:05:14 AM)

Industry and resource availability:

Another button I use (infrequently) off of the main screen.


1. Supply stands at 4.55 million. This number seems OK to me, but I don't have much to base this on. I'm keeping all LI and HI on and exporting copious supply from the home islands into China, Burma and the South Pacific.

Fuel: 1.71 million. I'd like it to be higher (who wouldn't?) but I think it's OK. I would ideally like to keep this above 2.0 million. In the incoming TFs, I have about 200,000 tons of fuel coming into Honshu and Kyushu-this number should increase.


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 2:29:44 AM)

Brief theatre updates:


Chinese MLR has cracked within the past two weeks. Two powerful IJA pincers have emerged-one from Patung (originated through the forest south from Ichang) and the other from Tuyun North towards Kweiyang.

Kweiyang is imperiled and cut off from reinforcement from the East.

Chungking is under direct threat and will likely be unable to provide assistance to Kweiyang.

To the North, Sian still stands.

To the South, in the Chinese pocket, Changteh has been the main Chinese fortress. He has been bleeding troops out from here for reinforcement elsewhere along the Chinese flanks. I think it may be too late for the huge numbers of troops cut off in this pocket. Out of supply and on the move, they will be killed en masse.

My goal in China is to kill as many Chinese infantry as I possibly can. Territorial gains are a nicety, but I want to kill more Chinese than he can produce as reinforcements. Supply is scarce for the Allies at this point.

With Burma still under IJ control, he's been losing many transport planes due to OPS losses flying 'the hump'. Last check revealed losses to date of 347 C47s, 50 C33s, 45 R4D1 and 39 DC3 aircraft. Sure, several of these losses were not in C-B-India theatre, but I would venture most C47s were. Nearly all these were OPS losses.

ETA: corrected C47 losses


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 2:33:54 AM)

Updates on Burma, DEI, SoPac and P/NG tomorrow or Monday, gents. The August 23 turn is in my inbox now. [8D]

Cribtop -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 3:22:02 AM)

Really looking forward to this mid war perspective, CB! Thanks for writing it.

witpqs -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/13/2012 3:39:18 AM)

Interesting! I'm going to have to get some books on economics.

Chickenboy -> RE: Theatre review (5/13/2012 11:24:06 PM)

Situation in Burma:

1. Prome: Action imminent. Large-ish British assault heading across the river opposite Prome. 16 units-hasn't changed much in a while. When last scouted most of these units consisted of infantry regiments-subject to disruptive losses. Not the shock troops I would choose. I suspect my forces at Prome, when combined with the disruption associated with river assault-will hold.

@ Prome: 38th, 33rd IJA ID, 12th IR, 11th Tk regiment, 16th recon regiment, 4x Art BN, 6x AA BN. 1163 AV. 5.75 Forts.

2. Lashio: Most forces held here in strategic reserve will strat move to Tongoo to repulse the expected cross-river movement by a single Allied unit. This includes 11th Div and 2,4,7,14 tank regiments. Some 655 AV.

3. Moulmein: Japanese MLR. Most units are prepped for Moulmein and will fall back rather than be cut off in Burma. There currently: 1st and 7th RTA, 30th Division, 16th IR. Some 1271 AV. HQ for 15th Army and 3rd Air Army are located here.

4. Rangoon: Lightly held by 114th IR, 6th tank regiment and some support units. HQ for 3rd Air Division, HQ Burma Area located there currently.

5. Tavoy: Lightly held. Could probably use another regiment at least. Currently an infantry battalion is the sole defensive unit here.

6. Mergui: 3rd RTA Div

7. Victoria Point: 6th RTA Division

Air power:

1. Rangoon: 2 Sentai Ki-44IIa Tojo (78F)

2. Taung Gyi and Mandalay: A chutai each of Dinahs.

3. Moulmein: 253 Ku-S1 (36 A6M3a); 54th Sentai (14 Ki-61a). Two bomber chutai normally based here (Helens and Lillys) are rebuilding in Bangkok right now.

4. Tavoy: 12 Jake recon and 27 Ki49-IIa (Helens).

Pending theatre reinforcements:

A sentai of George (N1K1-J) fighters of the 252 Ku-S1 (36F) are enroute from China. These guys are filled with some pretty good pilots, including those hitherto cooling their heels in TRACOM. They're the best bomber killers I have at this point.

Naval theatre reserve:

Singapore: 10xCV; 3xCVL; 3xCVE; 7xBB; 9xCL; 52xDD; 9xSS

Chickenboy -> RE: Theatre review (5/13/2012 11:26:12 PM)

Burma theatre August 23 1943


Q-Ball -> RE: Theatre review (5/14/2012 12:40:24 AM)

It is interesting to see an AAR around defending the Empire, because there aren't many. And hardly any on best defensive tactics and dispositions. What bases do you expand and garrison? How do you arrange air units? How do you arrange picket and early warning forces? Very interesting.

You're definitely ahead in ships losses, particularly in CVs.

What CVs do you have in the water? If you aggressively accelerate, you should have Taiho, and 2-3 Unryu's in the water

Chickenboy -> RE: Theatre review (5/14/2012 1:38:44 AM)

Hi Q-ball,

Well, I got the game I was looking for-a defensive battle mid-late war with my fleet (and army for that matter) largely intact.

Here are the CV, CVL and CVEs currently avaible. Katsuragi arrives in 30 days. Amagi and Unryu are out, so that should get me to 3 Unryu-class CVs by mid September.

As I indicated above, I've converted all CS ships to CVLs-the earliest arrives in two weeks.

I expect the RN, which has been very very quiet all game to move in support of the Burma offensive campaign. This, and the presence of fuel, have my default home base for the time being at Singapore. Until recently, Manila or-one of your favorite 'surprise' home bases- Davao were used.


Mac Linehan -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/14/2012 1:39:42 AM)

Chickenboy -

Good AAR - for all the listed reasons. While I have no personal experience this far into the game, I do believe that you are doing very well. Hang in there and keep us wannabes updated - this gives us hope.

Good on you, Sir!


Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/14/2012 1:42:14 AM)

Thanks, Mac. Welcome aboard!

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/14/2012 1:50:56 AM)

I mentioned a large carrier battle which occured in May 1943 earlier. I'll try to find more on it (screenshots) later, but here was the approximation of damage done immediately after the fact.

Ship: Torpedoes: Bombs: Sunk?:
CV Hornet 1 2
CV Enterprise 4 0 Yes
CV Lexington 3 2
CV Wasp 4 Yes
CVE Suwanee 4 Yes
CVE Chenago 6 Yes
CVE Long Island 1
BB South Dak. 1 2
BB Washington 5 3 Yes
BB North Carolina 3
BB Massachusetts 2
CA Louisville 3
CL Leander 3
DMS Hovey 7 Yes
DMS Trevor 5 Yes
DMS Lamberton 4
DMS Hamilton 1
APD Crosby 2
APD Waters 5 Yes
AKA Virgo 4
xAP Van Neck 5 Yes
xAP Ilios 3
xAP Siberg 4
LST 461 3
LST 463 4

Formatting is a bit wonky, but you get the idea. This occured just Northeast of Darwin-near Tanna and Taberfane islands. North Carolina is, I believe, sunk at this point.

Substantial damage to two other CVs (Hornet and Lexington), BB Massachusetts and CA Louisville will keep them in the yards for some time.

Return damage from the Allies was minor. Two Japanese CVLs with one bomb hit apiece which was repaired within a month.

ETA: All hits on everything below CA Louisville were bomb hits-the formatting is off on those.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/15/2012 3:29:37 AM)

SWPAC update:

This has been the most active theatre between November 1942 and present. In November 1942, my opponent capitalized on an oversight of mine and reinforced the base on the SW side of P/NG-north of PM. From there, he delivered a troop quantity sufficient to overland march units to Port Moresby. An Allied amphibious assault accompanied this overland march.

A subsequent amphibious assault pushed light defenses out of Milne Bay.

After PM, he marched approximately 4 division equivalents across the Owen Stanleys to Buna and then turned his attention north. Again, he marched 4 divisions north towards Salamua and eventually Lae and Finschafen. All of these were captured by overland march of roughly four division equivalents.

I'm not going to cry over spilt milk, but the supply rules allowing such movement are nonsense and have no bearing on reality. But, that's where we find ourselves.

4th ID and some smaller units were mauled during the fighting. 4th ID has been rebuilding on Palau for several months and is healing up nicely. A few smaller base units and SNLF were destroyed outright in the fighting for P/NG.


Defenses in theatre:

Stiff defenses N of this screenshot centered on Hollandia and Aitape. 2nd Guards at the latter. An infantry division and support on the Admiralties. Rabaul is held by approximately 240 AV-comparatively light. I've been considering reinforcement in light of my opponent's movements.

Rabaul's AF is in the next post.

5th ID was at Lunga since early 1942. I've removed 2/3 of this division and various support units from Lunga to Truk. Tulagi is lightly held. As their strategic value wanes, I've pulled back units voluntarily towards more defensible positions. A Ki-44IIa sentai and A6M3a chutai are present for air defense.

My goal in and around P/NG is to bend and not break. Delay, dig in, fall back and keep his eye fixed on this worthless piece of jungle rot. It's worked to keep his focus for almost a full year in the war. I'm hoping I can buy another 6-12 months with this while I strengthen the second MLR to the North.

Chickenboy -> RE: A midwar Japanese AAR (no USS Henrico) (5/15/2012 3:47:33 AM)

Rabaul air:


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